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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

From Singapore to Penang with love

From Singapore to Penang 
Why do I love these 2 places and what do they have in common? All will be revealed at the end of this blogpost.

I make it a point to visit Singapore at least once a year. Either just in time for their Great Singapore Sale (which usually happens between June to August every year) or during Christmas Time.

Marina Bay Sands
One of my favourite not-to-be-missed place to visit in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands. This place offers a great mix of shopping and sight seeing. My favourite spot is out here in the open where you can enjoy a spectacular view like no other.
Marina Bay Sands houses a casino and a hotel and is one of the must visit places in Singapore. I just love the clear blue skies, surrounded by water, water everywhere.
The towering glass offices are also a sight to behold.
The night scene looks rather spectacular especially in front of this building, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison which is located at the waterfront of Marina Bay looking ever so beautiful at night. It's rather cooling to sit by the waters at night and I totally enjoy relaxing with the wind blowing at this area.

Image credit: Image: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Day time it could be rather hot given our tropical weather. Netherless, this is one amazing architecture that I admire.

Inside Marina Bay Sands is a shopping area surrounded by more water which can be super pleasing once you are tire of shopping. The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore's largest luxury retail for that high end shopping experience.

What's not to like about Penang. Penang has so much to offer. From the great local food  
to the beautiful murals and street art like this, I just can't get enough of this beautiful place. 

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Penang is rich in heritage. Speaking about heritage, ff you are planning a stay in Penang, I would highly recommend the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. The Eastern & Oriental Hotel is a luxury all suite hotel , listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Classy elegance with a rich heritage is what greeted me as I stepped into this hotel for the first time. Everything was tastefully decorated with great detail.

 I love this round sofa piece at the centre of the hotel. The whole hotel has a colonial feel and looks nostalgic.

Wait till you see the room and scenery from my hotel room.
 Super cosy but it's not really that big. The bathroom comes with a bathtub! Oh what joy!
I can soak in this all day!

Now here is a view to die for! The hotel's pool somehow reminds me of Santorini.
Gosh! This is the most beautiful pool I have ever seen.

It feels like I'm in some sort of exotic island.
The Eastern & Oriental is also a great place to host a wedding. It's just by the sea!
The sunset view here is awesome!
This is the pier where guests at the hotel can enjoy a free water limo ride to Straits Quay.

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Another hotel that tops my list in Penang is the Hard Rock Penang. During my very first casual visit there, I vowed to spend at least a night there. I was captivated by the pool that surrounds the hotel. (Yup! Again, water, water everywhere) Hard Rock Penang is a luxury 4 star hotel in Penang where modern comfort meets rock style.

If you book your rooms at the lower level you can practically jump straight into the pool from your room. They have a pretty strict 2 person per room only policy so it's not cheap to have a family trip here as there are 4 of us and we needed 2 rooms.

 Here's a glimpse at one of our hotel room. The poster behind is the Beatles!
The bed and room is super comfy.
 I just love the fact that water is everywhere around this hotel. Can you see the sea?

Not only the pool area is large, it's just a stone's throw away to the seaside where many fun activities take place. One of them that seems fun (that I have not tried) is the parasailing, where one glides through the air  wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motor boat.
 Look Ma! I found a horse by the seaside. Yup! They also have horse riding.
The best part is watching the sunset by the beach. Now this is one scene I don't get to see everyday cause I live in the city, a concrete jungle.

The ever changing colours of fibre optics at the main entrance, clearly sparkles with magnificent lighting.

The Hard Rock Hotel is surrounded with tons of memorabilia of The Beatles. It's like this whole hotel is dedicated to them.

 There is also a Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.
Rock Shop is the boutique where you'll find the best range of Hard Rock branded tees, jackets, hats, watches, collectible pins and many more. Great for avid Hard Rock fans and collectors.

So, at the beginning of this blogpost I asked a question.
Why do I love these 2 places and what do they have in common? 

The answer is : These 2 places that I love most are surrounded by water! There's practically water within an all around these two places.

Penang Island and Singapore is just 2 awesome places that stole my heart when it comes to having a short vacation.  A vacation helps rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Love yourself and go for that holiday you deserve.

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"Have some fun in the sun,
Unwind, rejuvenate and recharge."

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