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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Swag-a-licious Steamboat

Tried & Tested: SWAG SHABU, One City USJ 25
(Not Halal)

Last week, I had a swag-a-licious steamboat meal at SWAG SHABU . You can find them easily. Located just next to Starbucks at One City, The Place USJ25 this is a new swag place you you can check out. 

Swag in Urban Dictionary terms means cool or groovy and this new place I discovered is more than coooooool! Their interior speaks volumes with its trendy design. Imagine dining here with some really cool wall designs that is oh! so instagrammable! 

You may also notice a sushi-like conveyor belt that circles around the restaurant, only there is no sushi on it! This conveyor belt holds add ons like fu chook, ingredients for soup...etc for your steamboat meal with an easy pick-me-up fuss free mode. You can just reach out easily for additional enhancements to your hot pot of shabu.

Each plate comes with a different price tag, depending on the colour.

The food presentation is also very unique. I must say their food presentation is the tops! I call this steamboat berasap! They put dry ice below and the effect came out like this! 
Super nice!!!

We ordered the Mix Seafood Set (RM120) Suitable for 2-3 pax.
The bottom platter are filled with the standard stuff. So if you order a beef set for example, the top basket will be all beef.
 Next, we chose our soup base. I chose the white Tom Yam and Herbal Soup.
The Herbal Soup came up real nice after all the items were in. The soup was sweet.  Initially I was curious when I saw the other soup base so white and there were some chilli floating on the soup. Later I only realized this is White Tom Yam Soup. As for the White Tom Yam, it is quite unique but I find it a bit too sourish to my liking. I was hoping to try their coconut chicken soup but it was not ready or launched yet. Netherless we had no regrets for the Herbal soup base. Dad liked it.
 Mom liked their fish slices which she says is very fresh. I had a bite and indeed it was good stuff. The Mix Seafood platter also consist of some scallops, prawns, oyster, lala.

A look at the bottom basket which consist of enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, udon mee, some tofu, egg....etc

It didn't take long for the shabu to be ready. While waiting we did our own sauce mix.
There were countless types of sauces available to go with your steamboat. They were all labelled clearly.
This is the Chef's Special Sauce which was highly recommended to me.
 Take your pick! here's a look at my curated sauce mix.
 There was also mayonnaise in different colours (edible) that you could play with
 to create your work of art
 This rainbow 🌈 is my favourite! 
You could possibly entertain your kids and encourage them to draw with the colourful mayonnaise and cultivate their drawing talent.

The steamboat comes with free flow of ice cream too! The ice cream was kept frozen a bit too long and it was hard. I had to wait while before I could dig in.

Not only the food looks interesting.The drinks here looks interesting too. I have heard they have some special cocktail that also comes with some smoke effect and this interesting blue latte which I did not get to try yet.

Operation Hours

Don't you think this is a coooooooool place? They even have their own cocktail bar. Imagine makan steamboat and drinking cocktail at the same time. A great place to chill!

I just love the interior.
Nitrogen tanks for some smokey effect on some of their food. Even their popcorn has this smokey effect. How interesting.

I hope you have a swag-a-licious meal here too!

Follow them on their facebook and instagram for more updates.

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