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Sunday, March 4, 2018


I am all excited over the UNICORN PARTY in celebrating The Butterfly Project Malaysia, my blogging community which is turning 5 this year!

I have always loved this mythical creature and when Mamasan Tammy announced that the theme was for a UNICORN PARTY I just jumped in joy and was over the moon a few months ago. I did some preparations and researched for hair, outfit and make up in preparation for the BIG DAY! Ooohhh I can't wait to play dress up and am also dying to see how the other bloggers will come. Some are very creative, I bet!

Here are some of my inspirations for that unicorn look. It's all about sparkle, bling bling magical or rainbow make up and rainbow hair!

I have always dreamt of doing my hair in rainbow colours Dare I do this?'ve gotta just wait and see.

Pastel Rainbow Hair Colours are so dreamy

Rainbow make up

A not so colourful unicorn that is just as outstanding and full of bling!

Unicorn Hair Accessories

I just can't wait to put together all these and channel my inner UNICORN.
I am counting down even right now!


  1. OMG...i so hope i can go for the party..I really want to see you being a unicorn!