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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

It's Time For TOKUYA

I was super blessed last weekend to be awarded RM100 shopping vouchers to shop at TOKUYA. Nestled at the posh area at Arcoris Mont. Kiara, this place really stole my heart.

How to get there.
Once you see Starbucks at Arcoris, head straight till the end. You will come to an escalator. Take the escalator down and you will be greeted by this fountain next to TOKUYA.

I just love how simple their logo is. Whoever designed it certainly has taste.

Mom embarked on her RM100 shopping spree and she was in all smiles knowing that she can shop for free that day. Yup! I won one of their contest and let mom do the shopping. This place is filled with all things great for a home.
Mom and her half filled basket. Belum habis shopping yet wan.
Let's take a glimpse on what is sold at TOKUYA.
From cute pouches to Japanese tea cups
Storage bowls
And beautiful glassware all for your lovely home.

Some other cutesy stuff sighted. Kitchen aid and tools anyone?

Colourful fans aplenty to brighten up your day

Containers of all sorts, baskets and so much more

Items carefully displayed according to sections so that customers can locate them easily.

Home slippers for your comfort feet

Calculators and scissors for those who need.

Cute Bottles for you to carry around and they are not overly priced. Average pricing per item is RM7.00 -RM10.00. There are also premium Japanese Imported items on sale and it can range from RM50 -RM100.

The entrance area filled with Japanese Imported Goodies
The more premium stocks are placed here.

Quality Brooms were also on sale. Price ranged between RM7- RM25.
My best finds were these. At only less than RM10 each, it keeps my kitchen organized with a classy feel.

Thank you Tokuya for the shopping spree,
Mom and I are as happy as can be,
We are glad we came to your opening,
Congratulations and thanks for inviting. 

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  1. Wow!! You won so many prizes already, sis :)
    Thank you for your long post :)