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Monday, December 18, 2017

Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust's makes a comeback on 18 December 2017

The countdown is on! December 18 marks the return of Domino's Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust!

The love for all things cheese is real. Domino's Pizza's latest offer, the Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust was SOLD OUT within weeks of its release! Have no fear as pizza and cheese fans can be rest assured that they will be able to grab this latest sensation as it will return to satisfy all your cheese cravings again from Monday, December 18, 2017 onwards. Yup! So visit Domino's today to satisfy your cheese cravings and get that camera rolling. Why? Because there is also a contest running (scroll down blog for more details)

Get your hands on the latest creation from Domino’s Pizza, the Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust featuring the earthy goodness of cheddar cheese tucked in a parmesan-sprinkled crust, baked to a golden, molten perfection. The molten cheese filing oozing out of the crunchy crust gives it a soft, stretchy and stringy texture that will keep you tarik-ing for more.

Me all smiles and having a bite at the Domino's Cheese Tarik Pizza. CP memang jatuh hati dan teeeeerrrrtariiik dengan Domino's Cheese Tarik Pizza. It's fun sharing a bite with friends too yang sama-sama main tarik. Sempat CP bergambar dengan rakan blogger Kathy Wui yang juga penulis blog macam CP.
Let's do the tariiiikkkkkk! How looooooooooong can this cheese go?
My kawan kata this pose macam buat teh tarik! Memang sebab CP tengah buat pizza tarik!
To those who are interested to join the Domino’s Pizza #CheeseTarikChallenge, here are some summary details.

1.         Contest starts 27th November 2017 until 7th January 2018.

2.         How to participate:
i.          Purchase Domino’s Pizza’s Cheese Tarik Crust pizza.

ii.          Pull apart the pizza crust, ‘tarik’ in your most creative way and snap a photo.

iii.         Hashtag #CheeseTarikChallenge and tag @Dominosmy

iv.         Tag/mention at least one friend to challenge them.

v.         Complete this slogan “I am tertariiik to Domino’s Cheese Tarik because…” in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

vi.         Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Make sure the privacy setting of the post is set to public)

3.         Contest Prizes:
i.          Prizes are awarded to weekly winners for 4 weeks throughout the contest.

ii.          1st place winner will get 1-year supply of Xtra Large pizzas (12 Xtra Large pizza e-coupons credited with 1-year validity)

iii.         2nd place winner will get 1-year supply of Large pizzas (12 Large pizzas e-coupon credited with 1-year validity)

iv.         3rd place winner will get 1-year supply of Regular pizzas (12 Regular pizzas e-coupon credited with 1-year validity)

v.         5 Consolation Prizes are 1 Large Cheese Tarik Crust pizza e-coupon credited with 2-month validity for each winner.

vi.         10 Consolation Prizes are 1 Regular Cheese Tarik Crust pizza e-coupon credited with 2-month validity for each winner.

4.         ‘Tarik’ for Charity

i.          For every challenge completed, Domino’s will contribute towards its year-end community initiatives.
ii.          Domino’s pledges to contribute towards community initiatives based on the number of successful challenges via posts on social media.
iii.         The more challenges posted, the more Domino’s will give to those in need!

5.         Terms and conditions:
i.          The Organizer reserves the right to substitute any of the prizes of equivalent value without prior notice.

ii.          Winners will be contacted by the organizer via social media and winners are required to provide their name, phone number, mailing address and email address.

iii.         Participants who fail to provide their personal particulars are considered uninterested to receive their prizes.

iv.         All participants must abide by the rules and regulations of the contest in order to be eligible to win.

Tengok my rakan-rakan blogger doing their own tarik! Memang creative tau!
The Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust's is oozing with cheese that you can tarik!

Other Domino's Speciality besides pizza. I especially love the tom yam flavoured chicken in bite size. Aromatic and flavourful!

Don’t forget to participate in Domino's own Cheese Tarik Challenge and you might be walking away with a year’s supply of the pizzas from Domino’s. Show off your creative moves to ‘tarik’ the cheese of the Cheese Tarik Crust. 

Snap a photo of the stretched cheese in your most creative way, tag it with @DominosMY; #CheeseTarikChallenge and post in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The good news is that the Domino's Cheese Tarik Challenge has been extended to 7 Jan 2018. 
Good Luck to all and let's do the Taaaaaarrrrriiiiikkkk Together! CP memang peminat pizza yang setia. Bila dah menang one year supply tu, sila ajaklah CP menjamu bersama, ya! *wink

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