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Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Emperor's New Clothes (And Collar)

Hello friends, pet lovers and furkid owners! Let me introduce to you my pet dog, Rascal. Rascal has quite a number of admirers since I always shared photos of this "little Rascal" on my Facebook and Instagram. He has his own instagram hastag you know. #RascalYong. 
Lately we have been trying to play dress up with him. 

Rascal is the King of the House (More like my house....and hence, the title of this blogpost, "The Emperor's New Clothes" and yes, he has a new collar that is super cool and practical to show off too.  All these new clothes and LED Collar are from of LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES. Some of my friends have also been asking where to get some of these items. If you see something you like, PM them for details and quotation. Contact details will be at the bottom of this blogpost.

Love Pets Accessories is an online pet accessories and clothing store which sells very interesting pet clothing. I will share some of my top picks later.
And we picked this! (More like Mom picked this cute blue shirt for Rascal)

Doesn't he look adorable in that striking blue top? 
Make sure you order the right size when making your purchases. LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES have detailed size indications on their Facebook postings. Make sure you measure your dog well before ordering.

The next cool gadget we got for Rascal was this super cool and practical LED Collar that lights up with a click of a button!

#RascalYong now is highly visible at night! We can spot him easily and cars can see him too in the dark.  My Neighbour, a cheeky uncle next door sayz it's the lantern festival and he is all lit up too! We all had a good laugh. Look, an LED Collar also can start a conversation. He is gonna be the talk of my street/neighbourhood when more people see him walking around with that BLING BLING on his neck. 

We picked yellow. But these are the variety of colours available.

You can get your very own LED Collar for your furry kid #dog 🐶🐾 Rascal is now visible and easily spotted during his night walks. I think this is a very useful gadget since he roams around freely during his walks with me and my dad and runs around here there and everywhere...but with us watching closely of course! According to my dad, my dog feels special when this LED Collar was put on him during his walks. 
LED Collar can be purchased from LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES.

Have I got some interesting picks from LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES to share with you!

These pictures will definitely melt your heart.
Dog in Bath Robe

Dog rockin' in their jackets.
And this cute little costume.....awwww...with fake hands that look so real!
And Halloween is coming soon. In case you're looking for Halloween themed costumes for your dogs too, look no further. LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES has it all!
A Witch Dog?
And not forgetting Halloween themed collars too!

I love anything Japanese. Automatically this attracted me! A dog Kimono Costume!!! too cute. LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES sells them too. What can they think of next?
This got me burst out laughing. A Minion Impersonator!
I thought this was cute but mom didn't like it. Hence we got Rascal a more normal looking shirt instead. Besides clothes and accessories, LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES also offer a wide range of cushion covers in dogs and cat theme. All also I like.......

Interested to find out more? Get in touch with  LOVE PETS ACCESSORIES via :
or follow their Instagram on
and WeChat Account at lovepets1806

Fore more details you can also whatsapp or call 011-31938626

Happy shopping for your furkid!

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