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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life's a Beach

I love the sun, sea and sand and especially BEACHES!
I could not resist when we arrived at the Cottesloe Beach.
It was raining pretty heavily and as we stopped our car by the side of the beach, we could feel the wind blowing so strong that it shakes the car. I was trying to open the car door to get out for my ultimate selfie when the rain stopped for a while. Boy, I was caught by the strong winds. Check out my video and you will see how strong the wind is! I could not even open the car door properly. I was so afraid the car door would go flying away.

Ok, my hair was in a mess cause the winds were super strong. Netherless, I persisted and still wanted to jump out of the car for my pose next to the sea.
The waves were high, the wind was strong and I was determined.
Cottesloe Beach

Armed with my selfie stick, I felt it shake left and right. Thank goodness I was not wearing any scarfs or hats or it would have been blown away.

And the true story of the day was.....Mom insisted on wearing a skirt that day and she had her Marilyn Monroe moment when her skirt blew sky high. Pics censored lah...cannot put here.

She was holding her skirt down and keeping her scarf at place. All I could say, her hands are full. After that day, she never wore skirts in Australia. It was so cold and the winds were so uncertain. She never wanted another Marilyn Monroe moment.

It was drizzling and I was playing with the wind and enjoying my carefree moment!

Soon afterwards I was joined by my little brother who had a quick selfie cause the rain was uncertain. True enough, it rained cats and dogs again and we ran for cover quickly. There goes my day 1 in Perth. Cottesloe Beach but every minute also rain. Our photo opportunity had to be cut short.

Another Day...Another Beach
Another Beach with the great Indian Ocean in sight. This was captured on another day while we were travelling back from the Sand Dunes. Just a random stop over. I had to jump down and soak my feet with the salt water of the Indian Ocean.
 3 shades of water. Amazing isn't it! It's just so spectacular looking. 
The water was freezing cold! I doubt anyone would wanna jump in and swim here.
Was hoping to get better weather in the coming days for our outdoor activities.

Life's a BEACH and I am loving it!

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