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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Interesting sightings around Perth

Perth, I came, I saw, I conquered!
Here's a compilation of all things that amazes me in this beautiful country.

1. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits that's so colourful and beautifully organized

2. Super sized Mushrooms

3. Choices Ham and Sausages

4. Endless Variety of Cheese

5. Tempting Desserts

6. Cute Packaging - Tissue Wipes

6. Interesting Flavours - Tim Tams

7. Interesting Flavours - Shapes

8. Delectable Salmon and Tuna in Tin (and it costs only about an Aussie Dollar each)

9. Can't get enough of their Sandwhiches (sighted at the airport)

10. Interesting Food

11. Interesting Drinks

12. Aboriginal Art Pieces

13. Interesting Lottery Tickets
I wanna strike it RICH! 

So much to much to little time!
I was in Perth for 9 days and I just couldn't get enough of it!

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