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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Peek into my girlfriend's Pre-Wedding Shoot

I was thrilled be my Polish girlfriend's bridesmaid and a part of the behind the scene team for her pre-wedding shoot a few months ago. We did an indoor shoot and then later adjourned to shoot at the outdoors.

The indoor shoot set up with some basic props prepared and carefully arranged.

The bride smiling sweetly
Indeed it was an eye opener with a full group of production team which consist of not 1, but 3 cameramen from Hexarus Creative. Hexarus Creative is very experienced in doing videos and shoots for commercials and they also offer photography for pre-wedding shoots. And I must say their art direction for this shoot was so detailed they even have a mood board before the shoot, just like how they shoot commercials. The bride and groom were shown mood boards and what the photographer wants to achieve in each shot. I took a peek and I was impressed. 

The bride's make up was done by renown make up artist, Yein Chan, the founder of Muse Art Makeup. Yein Chan has an outstanding portfolio. She is no stranger in the beauty arena. She is a regular fixture in various Astro TV shows and she is a professional make up artist to both local and International celebrities.
My gf, Viola does have model potential. Seen here she looks like a REAL MODEL!

Yein Chan doing her magic on Viola

Just flawless
I know my girlfriend is in good hands of these strong and experienced production crew and I am ever so lucky to be a part of their behind the scene shoot. Now let's take a peek at the behind the scene photos.
Viola the perfect bride! Isn't she sweet looking!
The beautiful bride, glowing from within.
Doesn't this mood shot remind you of some Korean movie poster?
Some of the poses

The team selecting the right photos and advising the bride on the poses.

The dress underneath that pink pastel skirt.

The outdoor shoot was no easy task. We were all sweating under Malaysia's humid sun. Kasihan  my gf, the mat salleh bride and the groom in his coat. Must be berpeluh-peluh already. The team worked hard and never complained. Zachry, the lead photographer is a perfectionist. He receed the perfect sites for the perfect shooting location and he has an eye for detail. kepoh doing my own behind the scene that I can write this blogpost mah....

Isn't this place beautiful? This is the Bukit Jalil Recreation Park. I am amazed by the landscape here. This is my first time here too!

Little Mayan of Peru

The Holland inspired landscape

Look! There's a windmill and a water fountain. Macam somewhere overseas, padahal this is Malaysia!

The Windmills of The Netherlands at the Bukit Jalil Park

Note: These pictures are all taken by me. The professional pictures are not here. Hence these are not the final treatment to the pictures.

Behind is the Imperial Garden of China Landscape

Nope, they are not in China

This park is filled with wonders.Look! There's even a White Dome! How is this for some British Architecture?

Just Breathtaking (Secretly wished it was coloer here)

Celine Dion sighted in Malaysia!

Some of the professional shots taken by Zachry

And here she looks like Taylor Swift

Some behind the scenes shot with the production crew hard at work.
The team braving the hot sun and making sure everything turned out right.

This feels like a scene from a Korean Movie. Somehow this place or rather this shot reminds me of Nami Island in Korea.
Look at the professionalism of these two photographers!

Make Up touch up. Yein Chan on standby mode.

FUYUH.....look at how the photographer stand. Sungguh bergaya!
Awww.... how considerate of him.

Taking a rest from the hot sun

A BIG Congratulations once again, guys! 
Wishing you a happily ever after.