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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SGshop “Jom Shopping!” Contest

CP kena admit. CP memang new towards SGShop ni dan dah nampak beberapa kawan blogger CP pandai online shopping kat SGShop ni. Dahlah CP tak tau baca Bahasa Mandarin. CP nak cuba nasiblah dan belajar macam mana nak shopping kat SGShop ni. Hence the discovery of Sgshop amat bermakna buat CP. Sampai miss out banyak shopping opportunity kat sebab tak tau baca Bahasa Mandarin. Sekarang dengan SGshop senang aje.
1. Cuma daftar akaun di
2. Cari your favourite product di dan copy link product kegemaran anda di ruangan search SgShop di ruangan macam kat bawah dan mulalah shopping anda. 

CONTOH dengan copy link kat CP dah boleh baca Bahasa Inggeris. Yalah CP Banana. Tak tau baca Bahasa Mandarin. CP pergi sekolah Melayu mah.


Ternampak kat blog kak Ayue Idris dan sempat CP join. Hari ini last!

Q1: Apakah servis yang SGshop tawarkan?

Here's my answer: SGshop gives you access to shop in the world’s largest online marketplaces. SGshop deliver a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process so you can shop without shipping barriers at the lowest international shipping rates.

Q2: Senaraikan 3 item yang anda mahu beli di platform SGshop Malaysia (Letakkan sekali gambar dan link item) dan berikan sebab kenapa anda nak beli item tersebut.


CP memang suka bergambar. Jadi CP impikan this camera tripod dari SGshop agar dapat tangkap gambar yang menarik dengan steady hand. Lagipun bila takde orang tangkap gambar for me, this TRIPOD will do the trick. 


CP memang suka make up dan benda yang cute cute sangat. Oleh itu CP pick this cute fat FISH BRUSH dari SGshop antara benda yang CP nak beli. Macam ikan duyung kan? Tak payahlah benda yang mahal-mahal, CP pun dah puas hati dapat benda cute macam ni.


Lepas ni, CP nak shopping Mermaid Fish Tail Dress ni. Bolehlah CP jadi mermaid this Halloween! Nak pakai buat pengambaran pulak kat tepi kolam renang. Bestnya!

CP memang suka benada yang peilk-pelik.
Wish me luck! 

For more info, layari dan like facebook SGshop

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Hari Raya menjelang tiba,
Wishing you all a safe journey balik kampung.
Makan banyak-banyak tau.

See you after Raya :)

Friday, June 9, 2017

My Ipoh Food Trail and Sightseeing Adventure

I was super glad to hear feedback that my Lost World of Tambun blogpost has helped a few of my friends plan for their trip there. And here I am back writing my Ipoh Adventures for those planning a trip there soon.

There are 2 famous coffee shops next to each other (divided by a small lane) called Thean Chun Coffee Shop and Kong Heng Coffee Shop.
Location: 73, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh

In the end we settled for Thean Chun. 
They are famous for their kai si hor fun, caramel custard, ipoh white coffee, chee cheong fun and pork satay.

The Coffee Shop is packed to the brim but luckily when we arrived we found a good seat.

The famous pork satay. Honestly I prefer chicken meat as it is much softer.
Seen here is the satay man....
Doing what he does best. Making awesome juicy satays to satisfy the cravings of his famous satays.
This was the lane that separates the 2 restaurants.
Restaurant Thean Chun has a long history that appeals to both the young and old. Since my younger days my parents brought me here which I identify by calling it the "custard caramel shop" cause I could not remember the restaurant's name.
There was this auntie yang sangat pandai buat business. She comes to our table asking if we want to order chicken wings with fish stuffings. We thought it was kind of unique, why not? Verdict: I won't say this dish is superb but worth a try. But if you have other food options you wanna try, you may want to keep this at the last of your list.
Ahhh.....and finally my custard caramel. All stored up in the fridge behind where I was seated. Plenty of tehm so jangan takut tak cukup makan. There's plenty here to go around.
All ready made and fitted nicely in containers like these.
And stacked up till the fridge is full!
I sempat try this Uncle's Chee Cheong Fun with mushroom sauce which was one of a kind! Thumbs up and this is a must try when you head here.
Just by looking at this, you can imagine how yummy it is!
The Chee Cheong Fun Stall is just located next to the famous pork satay stall.
It's a full house everytime! You'll be lucky to find a seat! Lots of tourists from other states come here to eat.
After filling up our tummies, we explored the Concubine Street.
Lots of interesting things to see here but the lane is a very short lane.

As we walked down the street, we found a great place to take some memorable shots.

Talented artist selling his masterpiece.

Oh! So beautiful!
Lots of souvenirs for sale too.

As you walk along there were also some snacks and famous kaya puffs.

This is the tail end of the Concubine Street
And right across the street, we discovered this! It's called the Ipoh Booth Cart where there are plenty of mural art for you to take pics and the best part is it's free! Just head on upstairs via this stairway or...
This stairway by the side. But before you climb up, snap some pics cause they have some great works of art here.

Let me bring you what's on the inside.....

Booth Cart stalls were seen around that floor. It's a not a very huge area and can be quite cramped if the crowd pours in. Here I noticed some cute and interesting buns for sale.

Some other interesting finds here at the Ipoh Booth Cart
Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, these beautiful rose in a jar and even a blue rose was on sale here!
What drove us here was this! While promoting this newly opened area, we had free ice cream downstairs which encouraged people to go upstairs to view. Thank you Ipoh Booth Cart, we had a great time exploring your place and took lots of interesting photos.
More details on their facebook page here.
So at the end of our adventures, right across the street we took a shot with this mural.
Our next journey takes us to this beautiful cave called Kek Look Tong.
Initially we had wanted to visit the Qing Xing Ling Cultural Village. We actually drove all the way there but found it to be closed. Hence we made our journey to this cave to explore. Time for our back to nature adventure.
Some of the steps that lead to the cave inside. Trust me it's worthwhile to pay this cave a visit because the "pot of gold" is at the end of the cave. I will reveal what the pot of gold is at the end of my blogppost.
There is a really huge and beautiful statue of Guan Yin near the entrance.

 Tour busses come here too.
Even mat salleh tourist so pandai can cari this place.

The hills are alive....

Monkeys were sighted here. Please do not feed the monkeys and be careful of your purses, snacks, bags, hat...etc

Inside the cave was super cooling...away from the hot sun.
It was nice and breezy and we took our time to explore the cave. There were some interesting display all around.
Beautiful sculptures.

Beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmite
You're close to the pot of gold.
There was a huge fountain with fish here. Nope this is not the Pot of Gold.
THIS IS THE POT OF GOLD I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Ain't this a true treasure and a sight to behold! What a Wonderful World.

The air is so full of greenery here.
It feels like I am away in some place in China.

Geese were seen making themselves at home.

Time to be as one with nature. We enjoyed ourselves and took plenty of photos with this beautiful scenery.

We had our fun group shot with my selfie stick in hand.

And lastly, I wanna share with you a video on how Kai Chai Pengs (Chicken Biscuits) for a small SME business are made. 

The lady boss is a kind lady who took time in explaining how she made her chicken biscuits. It's all handmade manually and not using a machine.
 These are the finished product - cooling down phase
But before that, Uncle had to manually roll them into small balls like these and then using a flat stamping method, he presses it down so it becomes flat.
 He then bakes it with an oven (the one behind us). It's a labour intensive job.
 And the goodies came out like this and packed in a handy packaging for customers to carry home. I have tried some. Aunty was very generous with samples for customers to try and it tastes extra crispy when it's fresh hot from the oven.

 This is her shop. Come and support her. We bought some home and everyone loved it.
You can purchase these Chicken Biscuits at YJX Bakery
Location: 62, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, 30000 Perak.

Also don't forget to buy your Kaya Puffs from Sin Eng Heong located just 2 doors away from the Chicken Biscuit shop. The line is no joke! You can view from my video just to get an idea the crowd buying the kaya puffs. We went at 11.15am in the morning and the queue was like this.
 Inside the shop. It's pretty cramped.

Their hot and fresh Kaya Puffs. The demand was so high we had to wait for more than 40 minutes lining up.
Here are some of their name cards (front and back) just to share with you.

Happy Food Hunting and have a great Ipoh Adventure. Till my next trip!