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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Vietnamese Affair at Sao Nam

My love affair with Vietnamese food started when I first stepped in to Sao Nam at Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur. 
Special thanks to Zomato and Sao Nam for inviting me over. 
This is my first ever Zomato Meet Up where selected bloggers and Zomato users unite over great food. (Download the Zomato mobile app here 
Hey! Hey! Here's three cheers to all foodies out there! Let's see what Sao Nam has to offer.

A Fiery Affair at Sao Nam. 
Catch this video I took on one of their amazing dishes that will set your heart on fire (literally). Getting all hot and excited yet? Read on.

For starters, we tried the Fresh Prawn Spring Roll (RM32.65)
Next, we sunk our teeth to this Fresh Vegetarion Soy Bean Spring Roll (RM25.65)
Mocktail Cinderella (RM17.50) a unique fruity drink mixture. I ❤ it!
Other drinks and pricing on the menu.
Next we tried the Deep Fried Chicken Spring Roll (RM 25.65). So many types of rolls we tried that night. My favourite is this!
The ambience is kind of romantic if you come here for dates. Love the lighting. A very cosy place for a romantic candle light dinner. 
According to Paul Liao, Sao Nam's founder, the place can be quite packed with regulars which include expats working here or expats who revisited during their vacation.
 Creative art pieces can be seen in every corner. Paul certainly has taste and is a creative person. That's why this place is brimming with creativity. Wait till you see the photos upstairs and the toilet. I will give you a tour on that at the end of the blogpost. Read on.
And here's the scene on our media/blogger table. As usual before we eat, the camera eats first.
And on the other table were specially invited Zomato users
We were introduced this tantalizing dish that is so special. This is the Mangosteen Salad (RM46.65). In fact this is very appetizing with a good mix of prawns and mangosteen.

The next dish looks rather interesting with a peek-a-boo wrap. This is the Vietnamese Crispy Pancake (RM35.00 with Chicken and Prawn) or (RM 39.65 with Mushroom, Chicken and Prawn)
Open sesame! This is what's on the inside.
Some other dishes we tried. 

Remember the video you saw at the beginning of this blogpost? Well here's the dish.

Duck in Tamarind Sauce (RM 45.45) 
The braised duck is soft and tender, drenched in flavourful tamarind sauce.
Beef Noodle: Beef Pho (RM25.65)

Do your own wrap.

Chicken Stewed in Caramel Sauce (RM32.65)

Dessert Time!
Che Ba Ba (RM11.65)
Vietnamese Bubur Cha-Cha

Caramel Custard (RM11.65)
Photo opportunity with Paul, the owner.
Vietnamese Coffee is a must!
Andy, one of the staff at Sao Nam is a Vienamese is very fluent in English. He guided us in understanding all the dishes and how to go about eating some of it.

I asked Paul what Sao Nam meant and he explained Sao = Star and Nam = South, hence the name Sao Nam means Southern Star.
View from taken from the top while climbing the stairs

Let me take you on a tour upstairs. Upstairs is a different world, a whole new world. 
Paul explained sometimes guests book upstairs for birthday parties. I can see why people love the upstairs. It has its own character and it's a COLOURFUL WORLD UP HERE!
Toilet Tour
A creative art piece

High ceilings upstairs

I love the colours! It's so vibrant, it's like HAPPY LAND. Colourful portraits and table cloth that makes upstairs FUN.

 Paul Liao the owner has been in this business for the last 15 years serving mostly expatriates.
Be sure to drop by Sao Nam if you're craving for authentic Vietnamese food

Trying out a creative shot
Special thanks to Zomato for making all this possible and opening up a whole new world of  Fine Vietnamese Cuisine to me. Log on to for more details or log on to their facebook at

Sao Nam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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