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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hada Labo Beauty and Skincare Talk

Last weekend two reknown beauty gurus from Taiwan flew in to share some beauty tips and insights with their Malaysian fans with a collaborative effort with Hada Labo Malaysia.
 As a loyal user of Hada Labo, I was thrilled and delighted to be a part of this brand that is ever so close to my heart.
The event was even showcased on 8TV News.
The 2 famous personalities Liu Yen Lao Shi and Xiao Kai lao Shi took the stage of One Utama (Old Wing) by storm with 988 DJ Cheryl, interacting with fans, sharing some beauty secrets and tips. Not only that, fans get to ask real questions on a live session with these two gurus. How cool is that!
A picture perfect moment with the Hada Labo team, the Beauty Gurus and big shots from Watsons.
A great moment when I shared the same stage with the famous gurus and was "face model" for the day. Liu Yen Lao Shi shared some tips on the right way to apply Hada Labo on skin while Xiao Kai Lao Shi shared wasy to use the famous Hada Labo Lotion. 
Some invaluable insights I learnt include wetting some cotton with Hada Labo Lotion and leaving it on our faces for 10- 15 mins as a mask. It helps hydrate the skin.

I love the tip by Xiao Kai Lao Shi whereby he wet a sponge with the Hada Labo Lotion and gently pats on parts of the face for a more moist coverage that lasts longer. I love his innovative ways and sharing.

A moment when Cheryl asked me my name and introduce myself to the crowd. 
Am thrilled to be a part of this.  
A BIG shout out to Kelly Chin of ( for this awesome photo of me smiling with Liu Yen Lao Shi while she demonstrates the product and application on my face. Both of us smiling so sweet!

After the public and media session, I stayed on for the next session where 80 lucky fans were treated to an exclusive private workshop at One World Hotel. There was another round of sharing and interaction there with the lucky guests. The 2 gurus were very humble and friendly. I love the way they are- super friendly and approachable.

Look I even got a selfie with the dashing Xiao Kai Lao Shi. His skin is flawless.

Thank you Hada Labo for the opportunity and I really had a great time at the beauty workshop. I hope more to come in the future.

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