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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year

Firstly, let me wish you, my dear readers a Happy Chinese New Year!
May you have abundance of Health, Wealth and Prosperity.
Here are some random stuff I took last week which reminds us all that the Chinese New Year is coming. Dah beli baju baru yet? I was walking around Tangs at Empire Shopping Gallery when I stumbled upon these gorgeous Cheongsams. Here are some of my favourite pick! It's somehow different from the usual ones I see and it's unique with a lot of hand embroidery. Priced at RM399 each. So tell me which is your favourite from the five here?

I love them all!

Next, I would usually do mall trolling (mall hopping) and so far I have visited these few malls. The BIGGER ones coming soon. Here I would like to share some random mall pictures with you for the malls that I have been so far.

Setia City Mall

 A Giant Size Rooster stands with pride at the concourse area. And below is my favourite shot with the gigantic rooster.
Run around the mall and find your favourite "ayam" to tangkap gambar. It's everywhere and there are a total of 8 of them. So happen I was wearing some multi-coloured floral print top and it goes well with this Rainbow Ayam I sighted.

Nope. I didn't find all the 8 Ayams but here are some which I came across. Which ayam is your favourite?
 Ibu Ayam with cute little anak ayam surrounding her. Maternal instinct kicks in.
 Beautiful drapes of cloths for a beautiful perspective photo.
Beautiful dynasty-like pavilion at the concourse area. So majestic looking.

Have you seen their beautiful Ang Pow designs? All so cute! My favourite is the first on the top left.
 Can you find the corresponding Ayam at the mall with the Ang Pow Pack?

Subang Parade
This is a beautiful perspective and I loved this shot! As you enter, drums greet you left and right. I loved the flowers at the top that forms the tunnel-like design.
 The main stage where a gong-like chicken in a light box greets you.
 Paper Cutting inspired design at the entrance. That's so Chinese New Year!

For avid Ang Pow Collectors, you wouldn't want to miss this.

Empire Shopping Gallery
 What a beautiful sight! It's like an Emperor's residence. I loved the way this was built and it's surely a great way to use the space. with direct sunlight from above, it feels like the this was built in the great outdoors, padahal it's inside the mall!
 I can so imagine wearing a traditional Chinese Princess Outfit (with my olden day headgear) and running along these walkways. It reminds me of some Olden days of some Dynasty ruler.
 The main entrance with bamboo elements from the design.

 Magnificent interior! Perfect for photo taking.

I am truly amazed with the structure.

 Now let's take a look at Empire's Ang Pow Design. The beautiful Ang Pow Jacket that holds everything together.

 Empire Shopping Gallery's Ang Pow Design is huge in an envelope-like size! I loved the fish and crane design the most.

I have yet to visit Pavilion, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall which are on top of my list of must-visit malls for every festivities.

Here's a nice little poem I crafted the other day when inspiration came. It's very localized. Enjoy!

Year of Ayam sudah mari,
Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!
Wishing you abundance of health and prosperity,
Semoga Huat Kaw Kaw dan OngMali


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