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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

TLC Festival 2016

TLC Brings the World To You

I had the opportunity to attend the TLC Festival in Manila in last month. It was certainly an eye opener. This was made possible by TLC, the leading International travel and lifestyle channel who sponsored my trip there. I brought my favourite person to experience this spectacular trip with me. She is non other than MY MOM!!! The TLC Festival is a fun outdoor festival event and admission is free. The TLC Festival was held at Banifacio High Street on the 5th of November 2016. 

Visitors got to see their favourite stars in action. The TLC personalities that made an appearance include Janet Hsieh of Fun Taiwan, Surfing The Menu's Hayden Quinn and Daniel Churchill and the super well received Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss fame. The Cake Boss charmed fans at the TLC Event. His presence brought a whole lot of people swarming after him. Check out the photo below. Can you spot Buddy Valastro?

The huge area of The TLC Festival was filled with endless activities and swarmed by people. I am not kidding. Look at this photo and your jaw will literally drop. This was the scene when America's all time favourite baker made an appearance and the whole Festival was super upbeat with his presence.

Photo opportunity with these guys and their amazing props.
The whole area is filled with people! People mountain, People Sea.
From 11.00am onwards festival-goers can hop around the Bonifacio High Street area in search for good food, great entertainment and all day fun activities. TLC Kitchen, Japan's Origami Workshops, Japanese Calligraphy Studio, Art Jam at the TLC Gallery and sing your hearts out at the Karaoke Booth. There were also cooking demos, celebrity appearances and stage games.

There were tons of activities in each booth to keep visitors occupied. Interesting booths selling food sighted around the area. 
The stage area

The line was crazy! Everone came equipped with umbrellas as they were lining up to register. Up till evening the crowd still poured in and the line was still very long.

Dogs spotted. Curious? Kena check for bomb! Talk about security.
Great to see them on standby mode

Check out the queue! Endless streams of people.
Mom and cute Ted from Singapore.
TLC Goodies for VIPS

We walked around a little and took some more photos while sightseeing.
Mom posing for a nice photo for remembrance with her signature style.

In between sightseeing, here are some of the booths with activities that we came across. Each country booth showcase different games and activities.

Food Sampling courtesy of Del Monte. Great to see them feeding the crowd.

More games

A chance to try out the Virtual Reality Game.

At the Slo Mo Booth where your video is captured in slow motion.

Look closely. It's a cooking session!

We also took a stroll along the area and it was huge!
Surrounded by shops both left and right, here are some interesting items I spotted along the way. Since it's almost Christmas, most Xmas deco are up!
Beautiful landscaping around the area. Such an interesting man-made waterfall rock.

Fun Games and Demo Sessions with Celebrities

Caught Janet again in her friendly self taking pics with some guests at the VIP lounge,

She adjourned to the stage to greet her fans and played some games with them.

When Cake Boss arrives... the crowd grew even more.

A group shot with the winners from Singapore. Congrats too! They were an awesome bunch! Look mom, we made some new friends!

Ted and I in supercool shades

Thank you to our dearest Kaireen of TLC for taking good care of us. 

Great Times with Mom at the TLC Fest. Enjoying to the max!
What's next? Stay tuned for Part 3 where we get up close and personal with the Cake Boss himself!

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  1. Whoa! This is my city - live and work here :) Glad you enjoyed the TLC Festival, :)