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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Behind the Scenes of MWW Pelagos Feature

Sometimes we just dunno what to cook and eat for dinner. Mom had wanted to buy this when she was shopping in Singapore a year ago. Then one fine day back in Malaysia I decided to buy a pack of Pelagos Shrimp for her to try and compliment it as a dish for our dinner. We took a picture with her carefully crafted dish and I sent it in to The Malaysian Women's Weekly and voila, we were selected as one of the winning entry. 
The above is our winning photo posing with one of our specially created dinner dish with Pelagos Shrimp. 

One month later the magazine got in touch with us for a photoshoot. It's certainly another memorable mother & daughter bonding moment. Mom joined me for the shoot. It was a great experience for her too and I see that she enjoyed it very much too!
Hehehe! Getting mom involve in most of my activities is one of the most fun part money can't buy moments. Thank you Pelagos and The Malaysian Women's Weekly for the opportunity.

Here's a closer look at our featured photo in January 2017's issue of The Malaysian Women's Weekly.

Here's a glimpse of what happened behind the scene.
So here we are all made up. Mom usually does not wear heavy make up. So seeing her all made up is certainly amazing! Met a friend at the shoot too. My dear facebook friend Angel Kee. So thrilled to meet her in person for the first time. Both mother & daughter look so gorgeous. We only chatted for a split second cause she was in the middle of a shoot. 
Light! Camera! Action!
Posing with all the photography props.

Here's the making of and behind the scenes for one of the feature article in the January issue of Women's Weekly.
Mom was stunned they took so many photos of us. Explained to her they had to choose the best picture of us with the correct angle and lighting.

We can't wait to try all these yummy flavours from Pelagos. 

It comes in these three interesting flavours:
Lemon & Herbs Shrimp
Masala Shrimp
 Sweet & Sour Shrimp

The other two variants are:
Peeled Shrimp (just shrimp)
Fresh Frozen Shrimp (in a box)

Sponsored items from Pelagos. This comes so timely for Chinese New Year! Yay! Mom was super happy receiving all these goodies.Presenting these items to us was Miss Catherine Lee, the Senior Manager of Blue Archipelago. I also learnt something new. That the term Pelagos come from a Greek word which means "from the sea"

For more information on Pelagos brand , visit or their facebook page at for more recipe and tips.

What's Cooking?
The product below is my favourite. It's the Masala Shrimp.

This ready to cook product is so easy to prepare.
We just had to defrost it first. The pack comes with freshly peeled shrimp and a pack of "perencah"/ seasoning liquid.

What's in the pack?
The "perencah" Masala comes in a powder-like form.
All we had to do was mix it with 80 grams of water.
First fry the shrimps
When it's close to masak,
Add in the mixture
Let the sauce serap for a while to enhance the flavour. Stir and fry till it's quite dry (not much water left) and until the liquid is reduced by half.

A summary and a more detailed instruction is found here, behind the pack where it illustrates clearly on how to cook the item. Simple, right?

Here's the dish! Looks yummy! And tastes good too! The sauce's goes so well with the shrimp and it's super flavourful.
There are almost 20 over shrimps in one pack. Enough for a small family.

On a separate day for dinner we next tried the Sweet & Sour Shrimp.
The cooking method is similar.  The pack comes with this powdered seasoning for sweet and sour sauce. Just add 80g of water and mix it well.
 Stir fry the shrimp in some oil.
 Add in the mixture and fry this half the water is gone. For sweet and sour we added in some nice fresh onions and cucumbers.
 And here's the final dish. Doesn't it look tasty?
It tastes awesome too! I like both the Sweet & Sour and Masala version. Cooking shrimp is now so convenient with Pelagos.

Bon Appetit! Selamat mencuba dan menjamu selera!