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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Out And About Manila, The Philippines

Here are some of my recent photos taken at The Philippines about a month ago. The Christmas environment fills the air. Almost a month before Christmas, stalls were heavily decorated with Christmas items for sale and the malls were filled with Christmas decorations that are simply amazing.
Beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments sighted at one of the window display at Banifacio High Street. These ornaments are so creative and imaginative.
Cute figurines (above) and below are actually soft pillows in the form of your favourite brand of chips, cookies and popcorn. Imagine a room filled with this! How awesome is that! So far I have not seen anything like this back in Malaysia. It's sooooooo cooooool to have pillows like these where you could cuddle as you watch the TV at home. No idea how much these costs. Did not enquire cause I wasn't prepared to fly a pillow back.
Me and my obsession with 2D Dresses. Couldn't help myself with a selfie with this dress.
Christmas Trees on sale inside one of the department stores.

SM Aura's Christmas Deco is an eye opener with life-like animals on display. Such a beautiful white Christmas scene.

At the lower ground floor, I came across this beautiful booth display and took a perspective shot of it.

Zooming out, it's actually the deco behind these booths. Amazing isn't it?

Supermarket Sweep
Here are some of the items that caught my eye. The many flavours of Tangs and Nestea in sachet form. I sapu all these balik as souvenirs for friends. Kept some for coming Chinese New Year to serve as drinks for friends who visit because a packet can serve up to one litre of water and that means it can quench the thirst of many mouths. 

Christmas Trees in every imaginable shades.
I also bought different kinds of bread spread back as souvenir to friends. I have not seen bread spread like these back home. This goes so well with toast bread.

Philippines are known for their sweet mangos. This brand is the most famous of them all.

There are many copycat brands too. So you must know which brand to buy cause they all look almost the same in terms of packaging and colour.

Sighted these cuties upside down Marmite bottle that is one-of-a-kind!
 Fans of Starbucks Diary Planner, this one's for you. Philippines Version

Some random cafes 

The famous Markets Markets

Huge palm tress as deco pieces inside the mall.

One of the famous local makan place in The Philippines called Chow King. I am thankful to be able to try this too. They serve things like fried rice and fried chicken. A good mix of local and western.
And it's forever packed
Chow King's Menu Board. A glimpse of the type of food they offer.
I miss this pizza place. Back home, it's extinct already. I used to go to Shakey's Pizza when I was a kid. Too bad this is not available in my country anymore. Who remembers this from their childhood days? Hands up!
Outside street stalls next to Markets Markets.

I love stalking into pharmacies like these. they sell almost everything! Yay! More shopping.

Initially I didn't know how to appreciate these cheezy looking buns. In fact they are one of a kind in Philippines. Regretted later cause I never buy these. When I finally tasted buns like these at the hotel, I fell in love with it. Manage to buy a piece back for my colleagues to try when I was at the airport.

More Dried Mangos. Great as souvenirs. Mom bough a few to hand out to her friends.

The eatery place near Markets Markets that serve some local delicacies.

Also sighted were tons of fruits and vegetables on sale at Markets Markets.

Beautiful Bouquet of flowers. Stood there for a moment admiring these beauties. can I not go in. Family Mart at the Philippines. Walked in but was bit disappointed at the variety of products here, Nothing much to buy. I first got to know this brand when I was in Japan.
I love to try interesting chips flavour. Bought some baked porky skin packs back home to try with my colleagues.
Interesting can drinks too.

Mom took photos with the local policemen.
The high rise apartments in Manila.
The outside of a local shopping mall, SM Aura.

Decked with Christmas Feel Decorations.

 Watsons is huge!
A lot of Christmas gift sets on sale. So interesting.

A unique mode of transportation in Philippines.

Spotted some trishaw-like vehicles out of town.

The jam is crazy.

With wires like these hanging all around, somehow this reminded me of Thailand.

Passed by some areas which looks like it's in a state of poverty.

Spotted a Rooster in the middle of the streets with its leg tied to a tree. Possibly someone's pet.
The last photo at the airport before I fly back home.
It was indeed an eye opener to visit another country. So much to little time. Hope you've enjoyed reading this blogpost. It's great to see the beautiful sights of Christmas in other countries and how they prepare for the festivities. 
Happy New Year my dear readers. Counting down to 2017. Here's wishing you a great year ahead! I am welcoming 2017 with open arms.
This marks my last blogpost for 2016. See you all in 2017, guys!