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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2-in-1 Expo (Food Festival and Healthy Living & Beauty Expo)

The Food Festival and Healthy Living & Beauty Expo was held at Mid Valley last week. Did you manage to make a trip there? For those who have missed it, fear not for I have documented it here. Foodies and beauty fanatics unite at Mid Valley over the weekend.
Last Friday also marks the launch of iN Digital with Dato' Eric Leong and Iko In, CEO of IN PUBLISHERS.
Amber and Emily were seen at the launch event.

As usual Amber is always so humble and full of smiles and she looks really good in her new fringe. She looks younger. The media couldn't get enough of this darling supermodel.

Also present was Datin Winnie Loo who looks stunning with her edgy cut and platinum blonde hair.

Sereen Eng, founder of Posh Nail Spa and Ng Lee Chin, the founder of Alpha Outlook were sponsors for the event.
We had yummy and beautiful desserts that were too pretty to eat.

There was a 10 cents Carnival that allows you to buy stuff at RM0.10. I'm not joking! What can you buy with 10 cents these days.
Here's a quick look at the Healthy & Living Expo.

And for the Food Festival, here are some interesting booths that caught my eye.
Walking around, this vending machine stands out. Healthy ready-to-eat salad in a jar.
Goodness in a bottle for people on the go.

I had my cup of salad in the form of rocket and barley mixed with olive oil. Soooo healthy!

This machine also caught my eye. It can blend and boil.

This machine can create soymilk, fish soup, juices, smoothie, paste and herb tea!
After walking and feeling hungry, one can hop over here for a taste of Thai

Interesting imported snacks from Japan, Korea and Taiwan were sighted

Walking around, this looked pretty interesting to me too. It's a machine with Korean technology to remove all moisture from vegetables and fruits. 

These dried fruits and vegetables were then stored in containers. Upon speaking to the consultant, he assured me that the nutrients would not be lost. 
Dried dragon fruit. Crispy, tasty and yummy
Thin crisp

Dried tomatoes. Slightly on the sourish side.
Yogurt with the dried fruits make a perfect combination.
There were also imported canned food and drinks.

It's a 2-in-1 event of the year! 
A fantastic line up of exhibitors covering organic food, kitchen supplies, skincare products, health supplements, slimming and beauty products all at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. 
The Food Festival and Healthy Living & Beauty Expo was hosted by iNCredible Media.
More pictures from the event here

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