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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Tesco Online Shopping Experience

Two years ago, I was never the type who make online purchases. But I guess times have changed and I gotta keep moving with times to grow, evolve and follow the trends of modernization. A week ago I decided to try out Tesco's Online Shopping. I ordered some items which were quite heavy, like Cooking Oil and Grapeseed Oil. I even tested how this online platform fared when delivering some dairy products like ice cream and butter! Meaning the outcome of the products when it reaches me since it may require a fridge to store these items. 

Overall I must say the app gets a five if not six stars ratings from me because it's so easy to use! Registration and browsing was a breeze. OK! In cause you didn't know you can either shop online via the website or app (as below)

Items on sale are highlighted in Red with their promo date validity.
Hehee! These baby wipes are my favourite and I stock up damn a lot whenever I shop at Tesco. Memang berbaloi! Quality is also good.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, I arranged for Tesco to deliver my goods. 
This van came by. Do take note in the app that delivery charges differs depending on the time you select for delivery arrangements. It ranges from RM10, RM5 and RM3. I chose the RM3 for a late afternoon delivery. However, the delivery guy called me at 10am and delivered my goods!One of the plus point of this shopping app is that you can add or make changes to your goods ordered even up till the day before delivery. A day or two after confirming my purchases I logged in back to spot check and discovered two items I ordered the promo sudah expired. What this means is that once you have locked in your purchases on that day and if the promotion price is over and it's before your delivery date, you can still opt to change or remove the product. Note that price WILL FLUCTUATE depending on the current promo. One example was that when I ordered a White coffee brand that day, it was RM11.00 but this promo ends in two day's time and my delivery is one week later. No! The price you get will not be locked at RM11.00. because after a week, the usual price of let's say RM14.00 applies for the same pack of coffee. Conclusion here is that it is advisable to review the items in your cart from time to time for price fluctuation or in case you missed a certain promotion. OH! I must tell you that the current price you see online is the current walk in price of the same day you walk in to any Tesco. So for hypermarkets, price of goods changes per promo period. It is best to watch closely the promo validity dates. Yes, I know I am aunti-fied and super cost conscious.

Mr. Delivery guy came with a push cart with all my goodies.

Removing the items from his cart.
He took out this canggih payment tool and swiped my credit card.
Payment in process.
The items I bought. I was glad he delivered these to my doorstep cause it can be pretty heavy lugging these back from the hypermarket back home.
All filled with a warm smile and great customer service.
Posing for my camera before he leaves.
Overall it was a great online shopping experience but with only two set backs. The items I ordered was replaced when there was no stock. I ordered an imported butter which I thought came with a super attractive price, but was changed to this last minute. OK! So I felt slightly cheated.

Next was my ice cream. It arrived in an average condition. Yalah! Cannot expect it to arrive frozen right? I just chuck it to the fridge and it was in tip top condition thereafter. My only issue here was that I was anticipating and was looking forward to try Haagan Daaz's latest Apricot Lavender flavour and it was replaced with another flavour!!! This one I totally mind because flavour is very subjective!!!! And this was my most anticipated item from the list!
This practically ruined my day! But looking back it's not a BIG BIG issue but at that moment in time I actually cried when the flavour didn't come as what I expected. No doubt there is a policy where we didn't have to accept if we the replacement items did not meet our expectations. I guess I was too excited taking pictures for this blogpost that I did not check the ice cream flavour! Overall, it is a great online buying service but with certain things you that may suddenly get shocked over. Sabar....Sabar..... Well, I guess I will probably stick to buying more generic stuff like tissue paper, toilet rolls and cooking oil. I don't want more surprises!

Tesco is also running a contest here
Just spend a minimum of RM100 to qualify. It's open for both walk-in or online purchases. 
I tried my luck on week 1 with these purchases, but looks like I did not win!

Rules and regulations:

For those who wanna give Tesco Online a try, Shop At Tesco Online Here.

For more info log on to or go to their facebook page.

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