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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kuning the Hero Dog's 12th Birthday

This is a story about Kuning, the Hero Dog who saved other abandoned dogs in Pulau Ketam back in 2009. 

His story at a glance (scroll all the way to the end of this blogpost for his full story)
Back in June 2009, 300 dogs were dumped at a mangrove island, Pulau Selat Kering. It makes international news as one of the horrific dog abuse case, in Malaysia history. These dogs were destined to die a slow death, with no food or water. Either that, or drowned as when its high tide the whole Island would be covered with water. Many ended up killing each other, for desperation of food and stress. Kuning was there to lead the pack of dogs and saved the day! 

It was Kuning's 12th Birthday last week and I was at his Birthday Party!
It's not every other day you attend a celebrated doggie hero's birthday party. It was held at The Bee at Jaya One on 29th May 2016.  He was definitely KING FOR THE DAY! Look how disciplined and well behaved he is!
Doesn't even take a bite at the yummy cakes in front of him.

I simply love this shot of Mr. K with his portrait postcard.

So how did I ended up meeting Mr. Kuning? (also known as Mr. K)
My dearest dog lover girlfriends here, Cheng Bee and Kelly initiated the gathering and we as dog lovers celebrated Mr. K's birthday together.
My very first shot with Kuning. Awwww...he is so huggable!

His fur coat is perfect and he is sooooo cuddly.
Mr. K is fit and strong

There were also other doggies at Mr. K's Birthday Party.
Meet Johnny who looks like a man's best friend beside me.

Meet River, a super cute pup who lost one of his legs.  
You will melt just by looking at this photo.
At times he looks sad too. Awww...
On the other hand, out for some fresh air is this poor little doggy who could not walk. It's not easy taking care of a bedridden doggie. This poor fella is very much confined to his bed or rather mattress and had some bed sore. Poor little guy. S huge shout out to his caretakers which I know is not an easy task. He deserves all the love and attention too. This guy here is a gentle soul.

Items on sale at the event. All for charity.
Does the postcard look like me? asks Mr. K

Gaya duduk so sexy
Some of the shots during Mr. K's Birthday Bash

A kiss on his forehead

After playing with the dogs and having a great time, we had our lunch at The Bee.

The story of Mr. K 

Source and special credit goes out to Darshini Kandasamy 
of Malay Mail who wrote this story published on 3rd June 2009. 
Kuning's no coward-he's a deep-sea rescuer.

His name is Kuning and he's fast gaining a reputation as a wonder dog, helping animal rescuers bring home fellow canines from the uninhabited islands off Pulau Ketam, Klang.

Indeed, according to pet rescuers, Kuning — who had gone missing two weeks ago — and his fellow pooch- Hitam are touted as the 'leaders' for aiding in rescue of 18 abandoned dogs.

Kuning was one of the first batch of dogs left by Pulau Ketam villagers on an isolated island. He swam from the mangroves to the nearest kelong (floating fish farm) where he and Hitam were adopted by the workers there.

Furry Friends Farm (FFF) principal Sabrina Yeap said that Kuning did not know what the rescue missions were about when they first started on May 2.

"We asked for the fishermen's help but because of the jellyfish and sea snakes, we had discouraged them to go into the water. Unexpectedly, Kuning swam to the island one day. Some of the dogs there followed him and swam back out. It was as though he understood we were trying to lure out the dogs," related Yeap.

"The fishermen would then place cages on the boat and coax the swimming dogs into climbing onto the boats and straight into the cages."

She said the fluctuations between high and low tides had hampered rescue missions but the combined efforts of Kuning and Hitam and the fishermen helped to save time and speed up operations.

"Hitam would eat fish at the kelong and swim out to the island where he would actually cough out the food for the other dogs to eat," narrated Yeap.

FFF managed to rescue 21 dogs, three on their own and the rest with the 'follow the leader' style of Kuning and Hitam. Yeap said proudly: "They deserve medals."

Even the kelong workers felt safer with the two around as they proved to be excellent guards, barking and alerting the workers whenever anyone neared the place.

So, when free-spirited Kuning went missing, speculation was rife for about a fortnight about what could have happened — until he was found, safe and sound with veteran webmaster-blogger TV Smith, who was also doing rescue work. Kuning had been mistaken by two independent rescuers for one of the abandoned dogs and carted off for fostering.

But you can bet after a fully sponsored break with free board and breakfast and more, Kuning is back to business of being 'lifeguard'

Now, 7 years later Mr. Kuning lives a happy life at Furry Friends Farm and has been serving the Farm as the Ambassador for the past 4 years. 

For those who wish to contribute to Furry Farm Friends, here is their account number. 
Public Bank Berhad 317 884 2626 Furry Friends Farm.

For more info log on to their facebook FURRY FARM FRIENDS
and website

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