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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pop Yeh Yeh Raya at Sunway Pyramid

It’s A Pop Yeh Yeh Raya this year at Sunway Pyramid!
Get your psychedelic groove on this festive season and move to the beat of the 60's playlist!
This Raya season, Sunway Pyramid takes shoppers back in time to the psychedelic 60s! Hari Raya is a time where families and friends get together in celebration of Aidilfitri so what better way to do it with good music and an array of activities at Sunway Pyramid! From 17 June until 10 July, Sunway Pyramid’s Orange Concourse transformed into a retro wonderland, paying homage to the mid 1960s. Hang out at the Raya Pop Yeh Yeh town square and check out snippets of Tayangan Filem Klasik (classic films) at the Panggong while enjoying some throwback snacks!

Pop Yeh Yeh was a musical movement in Malaysia and Singapore from around 1964 to 1969. The term Pop Yeh Yeh was derived from The Beatles hit song ‘She Loves You’ with the words from the chorus, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” becoming part of the name. Pop Yeh Yeh was also the efficient way to communicate the link between Malay and Western pop music.

Among the popular local Pop Yeh Yeh bands of that era were Adnan Othman & The Rythmn Boys, A. Rahman Hassan & Orkes Nirwana, A. Halim, The Jayhawkers and many more.

A number of Pop Yeh Yeh legends like Dato A. Rahman Hassan, S. Mariam, and Adnan Othman were in attendance of the event. For the opening gambit of the event, legendary Adnan Othman belted out his classic hits like Bershukor, Normah, and Hamba Terima to guests and shoppers.

Guests can also pose with props around the concourse area bringing back nostalgic moments and memories.
 My OOTD of the day. I picked a black satin baju kurung to match the 60's feel and look of the mall.

Guests at the event were treated to a nostalgic time as they were given the opportunity to get their hair and make-up done in sixties fashion followed with a buka puasa dinner and indulging in the classic ais krim goyang treat

Curious, I asked this lady why was the ice cream called Ice Cream goyang. She replied me cheekily it's because you "goyang" (shake) this barrel like this and it shakes, hence the name ice cream goyang. 

"As a multi-cultural country, Malaysia is truly blessed as we are exposed to different cultural celebrations. This in turn provides malls the unique opportunity to showcase the true colours of our nation. Raya celebration is the first, among the long string of celebrations. Soon, Malaysians can look forward to more moments of togetherness as we celebrate Deepavali, Christmas and the Lunar New Year.

One can truly see that through the diversity, richness and heritage of these festive celebrations, Malaysia is renowned internationally as a rich cultural melting pot," said HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks. 


"Shopping malls of today are at the heart of the community. It plays an important and integral role in the community by encouraging communal harmony and integration. It offers not only an excellent platform to reach out to people from all walks of life but provides a space for the community to converge too," he added.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 (RM150 for HSBC Credit Cardholders) will be eligible to redeem exclusive Sunway Shopping Malls Raya packets and a Pop Yeh Yeh voucher. The Pop Yeh Yeh voucher is exchangeable for complimentary exclusive retro hair styling at the sixties’s themed barber shop - The Salon, free photo print-out at the Photo Studio, and a packet of old-school snacks. The psychedelic Combi van will turn heads with its classic charm and appeal and make an irresistible photo op.

 Above: The 60's themed barber shop and below the print out photo station

Throughout the campaign, shoppers will be able to purchase vintage records too! Bring out the inner hipster in you and experience the crisp sound of vinyl, just like how music was heard back in the mid sixties.

For those in the midst of completing their Raya shopping, Sunway Pyramid is definitely your one-stop Raya shopping adventure with over 900 shops and F&B offerings, to cater to your Raya shopping and dining needs.

Shoppers will be delighted with an array of stylish Hari Raya fashion including colourful Baju Kebaya, Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu available at Rimba. For those who prefer a more fashionable style, Uniqlo’s Hana Tajima range infuses contemporary designs with the kebaya and hijab, creating modern fashion with traditional values.

Additionally, a number of the mall’s 160 food outlets will be running Ramadhan promotions. Popular amongst the crowd are Tarbush and Mandi Hadramot which feature Middle Eastern cuisine, Ole-Ole Bali and Ayam Penyet Ria for Indonesian flavours, Madam Kwan’s for popular local dishes, as well as Miami Grill and NY Steak Shack for Western fare.  

Seen at the event was radio DJ and emcee Fiqrie. Macam matching aje our outfits in Black and Gold.

For dessert, shoppers can opt for the ‘dondurma’ – Turkish ice cream served with a style! Booza Ice Cream will be flaunting their showmanship in flipping blocks of ice cream for shoppers’ enjoyment at the LG2 Marrakesh precinct.

Create lasting memories this Hari Raya and celebrate the reunion of family and friends while spreading cheer, festive wishes and forgiveness. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

For more information on Sunway Pyramid’s Raya Pop Yeh Yeh, visit or call 03-7494 3100.

 The colourful team of Sunway Pyramid's Marketing team.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Tesco Online Shopping Experience

Two years ago, I was never the type who make online purchases. But I guess times have changed and I gotta keep moving with times to grow, evolve and follow the trends of modernization. A week ago I decided to try out Tesco's Online Shopping. I ordered some items which were quite heavy, like Cooking Oil and Grapeseed Oil. I even tested how this online platform fared when delivering some dairy products like ice cream and butter! Meaning the outcome of the products when it reaches me since it may require a fridge to store these items. 

Overall I must say the app gets a five if not six stars ratings from me because it's so easy to use! Registration and browsing was a breeze. OK! In cause you didn't know you can either shop online via the website or app (as below)

Items on sale are highlighted in Red with their promo date validity.
Hehee! These baby wipes are my favourite and I stock up damn a lot whenever I shop at Tesco. Memang berbaloi! Quality is also good.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, I arranged for Tesco to deliver my goods. 
This van came by. Do take note in the app that delivery charges differs depending on the time you select for delivery arrangements. It ranges from RM10, RM5 and RM3. I chose the RM3 for a late afternoon delivery. However, the delivery guy called me at 10am and delivered my goods!One of the plus point of this shopping app is that you can add or make changes to your goods ordered even up till the day before delivery. A day or two after confirming my purchases I logged in back to spot check and discovered two items I ordered the promo sudah expired. What this means is that once you have locked in your purchases on that day and if the promotion price is over and it's before your delivery date, you can still opt to change or remove the product. Note that price WILL FLUCTUATE depending on the current promo. One example was that when I ordered a White coffee brand that day, it was RM11.00 but this promo ends in two day's time and my delivery is one week later. No! The price you get will not be locked at RM11.00. because after a week, the usual price of let's say RM14.00 applies for the same pack of coffee. Conclusion here is that it is advisable to review the items in your cart from time to time for price fluctuation or in case you missed a certain promotion. OH! I must tell you that the current price you see online is the current walk in price of the same day you walk in to any Tesco. So for hypermarkets, price of goods changes per promo period. It is best to watch closely the promo validity dates. Yes, I know I am aunti-fied and super cost conscious.

Mr. Delivery guy came with a push cart with all my goodies.

Removing the items from his cart.
He took out this canggih payment tool and swiped my credit card.
Payment in process.
The items I bought. I was glad he delivered these to my doorstep cause it can be pretty heavy lugging these back from the hypermarket back home.
All filled with a warm smile and great customer service.
Posing for my camera before he leaves.
Overall it was a great online shopping experience but with only two set backs. The items I ordered was replaced when there was no stock. I ordered an imported butter which I thought came with a super attractive price, but was changed to this last minute. OK! So I felt slightly cheated.

Next was my ice cream. It arrived in an average condition. Yalah! Cannot expect it to arrive frozen right? I just chuck it to the fridge and it was in tip top condition thereafter. My only issue here was that I was anticipating and was looking forward to try Haagan Daaz's latest Apricot Lavender flavour and it was replaced with another flavour!!! This one I totally mind because flavour is very subjective!!!! And this was my most anticipated item from the list!
This practically ruined my day! But looking back it's not a BIG BIG issue but at that moment in time I actually cried when the flavour didn't come as what I expected. No doubt there is a policy where we didn't have to accept if we the replacement items did not meet our expectations. I guess I was too excited taking pictures for this blogpost that I did not check the ice cream flavour! Overall, it is a great online buying service but with certain things you that may suddenly get shocked over. Sabar....Sabar..... Well, I guess I will probably stick to buying more generic stuff like tissue paper, toilet rolls and cooking oil. I don't want more surprises!

Tesco is also running a contest here
Just spend a minimum of RM100 to qualify. It's open for both walk-in or online purchases. 
I tried my luck on week 1 with these purchases, but looks like I did not win!

Rules and regulations:

For those who wanna give Tesco Online a try, Shop At Tesco Online Here.

For more info log on to or go to their facebook page.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

BBW & Geek Digital at One City

 Hey guys! Guess what! BIG BACK WOLF Book Fair is back and the promo just started today at One City, USJ 25, The Square.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Square building looks like this!

Here are the details of the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair and Geek Digital Fair.
The BBW Book Sale starts from 16 June - 26 June 2016, from 12pm -12 Midnight Daily and the Geek Digital Fair is from 16 June - 3 July 2016.
This was the scene by noon on the first day!
Drowned in a sea of knowledge!

 I love how interesting these covers look.
 There are two floors. The upper level are the Children books and cooking books.
For those who have been to BBW at Mines, that is the BIG one (usually held year end). 
The one held here is on a smaller scale but to me is also very massive!!!!
 Fancy Posters sighted!

 All sorts of books and special interest books. Sighted these and can't help flipping through the one on Dogs as I am a Dog Lover.
 A little bit of reading on my dog's breed.

 Covers shouting for attention! 3D- FUYUH!

I love the feel and touch of the golf and soccer ball one. Can feel the "bulu" grass on the green cover.

 Fans of Archie Comic can rejoice!

 Besides books there are also children's educational tools and toys for sale.

 Look what I found!

Here's a glimpse of the crowd of books

 Tons of staff hard at work. No manpower shortage here! Kudos to the organizers for opening many check out counters to accommodate the crowd. 
Clever marketing. At the check out counters they still entice you to Buy! Buy! Buy!

For more info on BBW log on to their facebook page
and For more info on the Geek Digital fair log on to One City's Facebook Page
Here's a glimpse of the Geek Digital Fair. 
Don't forget to stalk One City's Facebook page for daily offers from 10.30pm -12midnight. 
I have set my eyes on RM1 pen drive and a 1TB Hard Drive @ RM129 (special midnight shopping price)

Happy Shopping!
Till then!