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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day

 I have this two wonderful picture shot using my Iphone 6 to share with you.
As I was walking in the morning near my neighbourhood last weekend, this spectacular cloud greeted me. I was so amazed. It looked like an ocean wave in the sky. But when I showed my girlfriend this photo, she said it's a good omen. It looks like a part of a Dragon's tail. Isn't it beautiful and it's all part of mother nature and God's creation.

As I walk the same path, I took time to enjoy the beauty around me and what caught my eyes next were these beautiful stalks of blooms shaped a little like a dandelion (but obviously it was not!) Couldn't resist and snapped a shot. Well it's not like every day I carry my handphone walking around leisurely. So happen I was waiting for my gf to call and I took it with me to the makan shop and along the way these beauties caught my eye.

Have a nice day, you guys!
Life is beautiful!

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