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Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Gothic Make Up Look by Mac Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics did an amazing job in creating the perfect make up look for me this Halloween. It's amazing how make up can change me to a new person or rather a character.
Meet Helmi my personal make up artist from Mac Cosmetics for the day!

I started off make up free with a bare face since I know I am going for a make over. This saves him the trouble from cleansing and removing all my make up. I am the type of person who dare to bare. I can walk around naked. Now don't think naughty. I mean naked on my bare face. *cheeky wink.
 Since I have not experienced any make over using a sculpting method, I requested to try this technique. It's not like every other day I can do it on my own. But I know I am in perfect hands and I trust Helmi can bring the best out of me ala a Kim Kardashian way. 

I opted for one of Mac Cosmetics' Make up look for the 60's. It focuses on creating a sculpted bronze skin with cat wing liner.I had it tailor made and blended with a dash of 50's Make Up style with heavily lined lids and lashes. But instead of the classic red lipstik, I opted for one from the 90's look, which is gives me full brown lips. And my eyebrows were shadowy brown eyes with gel in brows. 
So you could say that it's a mix of the 50's, 60's and 90's that gave me this Gothic look.
 This is how you do it! Explains Helmi. When I asked him what he uses to sculpt and one my face with, he happily tells me he uses a darker shade of concealer and that I can easily achieve this look through blending upwards.
So the eyes and brows were properly and meticulously done up! And one final touch, the dark chocolate lipstik which brings out the entire Gothic look.
And Voila! Here comes the final make up look! 
I look like a VAMP!
Love the ghoulish and eerily sexy look.

Thank you Helmi and Mac Cosmetics for the magic touch!
Now, I am ready for my Halloween Party. 
Wanna know where I am headed with this Gothic Look? 
Hang in there. Next blog post coming right up!
 So Do I look ghostly like Morticia (played by Anjelica Huston) in The Addam's Family?
Back at home before I removed my Gothic Make up, I even attempted a Wednesday Addams Look (played by Christina Ricci)
Happy playing dress up for Halloween, my friends.


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