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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Snow White's EVIL QUEEN

 Friends who know me well will be aware that I love to play dressing up to the theme.
So last weekend, I attended Astro Circle's Première of The Descendants (Trailer Below)

 My dress up character for the Première was the Evil Queen from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. That was my very first Disney cartoon that I watched during my childhood.
So, here's my version of the EVIL QUEEN. How do I look?
I made use of what I already have and did not splurge on the costume.
Me as the EVIL QUEEN in Snow White

Before the première my poor crown broke and I had to hold it like this with my hand. 
Luckily smepat tangkap gambar di atas earlier.

 Found my little Snow White at the event where my friends encouraged me to take a photo with this adorable little darling, which turns out to be the daughter of a blogger friend.

Aww.... The Evil Queen and Snow White

My friends and I striking a pose while I'm still in that costume.

A memorable day it was and I never guessed I would dress up as the EVIL QUEEN to this extend. At least when I look back at my photos next time I can say to myself, 
Been There, Done That!

Special thanks to Astro Circle for this opportunity and a fun filled day with my friends.
In my goodie bag there was this colourful strands of hair (that came in Purple, Blue, Red and White) which I wore to work the next day. Am loving it to the max!

And this is just for fun. Me playing Snow White and the Evil Queen.

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  1. Replies
    1. It's so lovely to meet your adorable daughter and have my pic taken with her. Awwww...such an adorable princess.

  2. Haha you look so yeng! Why didn't I see you that day?

    1. Hi! Jessica, maybe I'm all wrapped up and you could not recognize me.