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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland

Yay! I finally made it to Tokyo Disneyland the Fantasy Land! 
I could not believe it! It was my very first visit to a DISNEYLAND!

The signature Walt Disney Architecture standing tall!

Tokyo Disneyland theme park is the first Disney theme park outside the USA.
 It was open in 1983. Tokyo Disneyland is made up of 7 themed lands.

1) World Bazaar

2) Tomorrowland

3) Toontown

4) Fantasyland

5) Critter country

6) Westernland

7) Adventureland

Here's a glimpse of the Disney Map. See how huge it is! Although I had a whole day there, I could not possibly cover the entire place. I heard by 9pm there's fireworks. I stayed from 9am to 5pm. Managed to cover about three rides. Me and mom took our own sweet time walking and enjoying the serene park and at the same time admiring all the beautiful flowers, buildings and Disney Characters.

Can you believe it? These walls are made of tiles and forms a story right from the fairy tales.

Mom posing with one of the beautiful window display with the Frozen theme.

The spectacular design and architecture brings to life the fairy tale that we've always dreamed of. Enchanted castles, prince charming, princesses....etc And they all lived happily ever after. sweet.

 Some of the beautiful landscape that caught my eyes.

The beautiful flowers also caught my attention. 
Here are some shots I captured for your eyes only.

One thing good about this place is that there were many seats available for those who wants to rest their tired legs. Benches are found at almost every corner.
Facilities for the disabled were made available without much hassle.
Parking for strollers for the convenience of parents with toddlers who wants to bring them in for rides.
This is a scene where people get ready for the parade. They form a line to welcome the parade in an orderly manner, with the help of Disney staff of course.
 Here comes the spectacular parade in full fashion!
 Character meet and greet session. Daisy duck is seen waiving enthusiastically to the crowd of onlookers.
 And there's Minnie Mouse who looks fabulous in her gown and colourful parade, cheering kids up. Such a happy sight!

Watch the parade videos here:

Other landscaping

 Mom and I posing with some famous scenes from fairy tale stories.

 Finally mom's first pose with a character
 And a memorable shot for the two of us together with Cinderlla's Fairy Godmother.

Here's one of the rides that was amazingly beautiful.
It was a boat ride to watch It's a Small World. 

The crowd lining up waiting for our turn. It was all so smooth. 
Waiting time was under 10 minutes.
 Be prepared to be awed!
 The crafting of the set was remarkable and fine.
 Production must have cost a bomb!
 Check out the detailed set up

 Love how they use strings to display the rainfall showers

 Dancing dolls from different parts of the world.

 It's like walking into Toyland.

Watch the videos here:

Mom and I enjoying our boat ride

 Our ride in one full cirlce coming to an end. This was one of the best rides ever!

Souvenirs at Tokyo Disneyland.
Tons of photos here.
I could not be possibly buying everything here. It's so expensive. But I was happy with pictures of the souvenirs. Here's to share with you on what souvenirs were being sold at Tokyo Disneyland.
 From accessories,  stationaries, clothes, hats to toys, phone covers to mugs to cookies and candies. They have it all!

 So which look good on us? The best part was that we get to try on as many hats as we wish without people stopping us and taking tons of pictures with these hats.
Mom looking all so happy.

 A matching hat pose. Mom is super sporting for allowing me to take awesome pics with her in funny hats.

Disney Packaging-Food

 Blankets, hats and toys. So much to choose from. Spoilt for choice.
It's a kid's wonderland in here. I wonder what happens if a kid comes in and asks the parents to buy the whole store! Oh! Poor mom & dad!

 Love the Maleficent one! 

 Testing out more funny looking hats

 Popcorn container
 Beautiful princess dresses


 Iphone 6 Disney Covers.
All of them look so beautiful!
Which is your favourite?

 Noticed a lot of people are dressing the same. Groups of people wear the same shirt, skirt and has the same style. Easier to recognize each other and not gettinglost in the crowd I think! That is so cool!

Japanese School Girl outfit. Girls wearing their socks knee high. So trendy.

 Character walkabout
 On and off while resting you will be able to see characters making an appearance.
 Bought this Disney ring for mom as a token for remembrance for our visit to Tokyo Disneyland

 And here's what I bought for myself. A Minnie Mouse Ribbon which can be used as a decorative piece of accessory on my hair or even can be used to tie my hair into a ponytail.
 My very first close encounter with Wendy from Peter Pan.
She was so friendly and interacting with fans who surrounded her, getting her autograph.

 Cute pose with a fan. Flying mode.

 Finally a picture with her!

 Beautiful Princess from Sleeping Beauty. She is beautiful!
 Alice In Wonderland
 Belle from Beauty and the Beast
 Her hair looks exactly like her!
 I was lucky enough to catch them in action before they fly off into the changing room. Here they are striking one last pose before moving into the changing room.

It was a remarkable experience at Tokyo Disneyland. We had such a memorable time!

Here's wishing all my friends and readers 
"May All Your Dreams Come True" and a "Happily Ever After"
Ohhh I just love Fairy Tales.


  1. All photos are exceptionally pretty!! oh I loves that cookies so much, they looks kawaii!!

    1. Thanks for your comments Pinku No Sakura :)

  2. like back to childhood time & so dreamy!
    I went to hongkong one, is so small n crowded also !

    1. This one was super spacious Wendy. Tons of areas for people to sit!

  3. My heart already flying there!~

    1. You must go and visit Tokyo Disneyland Kylie. It's a chance of a lifetime!