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Thursday, February 26, 2015

BUTIK ORCAS the Bag Haven

Shah Alam, Kota Indah Permai. 
This is one of the famous landmarks in in Shah Alam, the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque. What I am going to introduce to you in this blogpost today is a bag haven at the Plaza Shah Alam Mall.
 Blogpost ini ditujukan khas peminat setia beg kulit (leather bag). Jika anda berada di Shah Alam, jangan lupa untuk singgah sebentar di Plaza Shah Alam 

       Naik ke tingkat dua untuk menjenguk koleksi-koleksi beg kulit di Butik ORCAS 
       di Plaza Shah Alam
 Di Butik Orcas, pelbagai jenis beg stail pilihan wanita dan lelaki pun ada.
Masuk saja,  I diselubungi bau leather yang kuat. Pengemar beg klit dapat cuci mata di sini dengan banyak beg pilihan.

Kulit Beg untuk stail lelaki pun ada banyak jenis. 
Kalau nak beli hadiah untuk suami dan abang bolehlah consider kat sini. 
Antara beg tangan moden yang terdapat di Butik Orcas. CP jadi model peragakan beg for the day.
CP suka sangat dengan key holder ini.
Inilah beg dalam pelbagai warna di sudut best buy.

Londa Polo, Jenama Beg Kulit dalam pelbagai corak dan warna untuk memenuhi apa jua citarasa dan stail.
 Bagi kaum lelaki, selain beg, tali leher dan  tali pinggang kulit pun ada. Macam one stop shopping bagi wanita dan lelaki. Suami isteri, Abang adik bolehlah shopping bersama.
Teruja Mak berposing dengan beg pilihannya. 
Mak I memang suka beg yang kecil-kecil belaka.
 Mak meneliti pelbagai corak dan warna leather bags yang sedia ada.
Setiap bulan pasti ada stok baru. 
 Long leather purse di Butik Orcas pun cantik juga.
Mana satu yang anda suka?
Klutch pun ada dan merupakan one of the best sellers
CP buat pilihan ini. CP suka dengan motif ala Jepun di sini.
Harap tak nampak macam "auntie" sangat ye.
Beg biru yang mengikut kesesuaian warna pemakaian CP.

 Antara Cufflinks yang dijual

 Beg bagi kanak-kanak kecil pun ada
 Nak pergi melancong? 
Di sini memang semua jenis beg pun ada. 
Bagpack, beg sekolah pun ada
Luggage bag at a very affordable price dan banyak pilihan.
 Ayah CP suka sangat  beg sebegini. Leather bags for men. Stail casual atau business 
Wallet kulit untuk lelaki
 CP nampak macam mak datin ke? Beg ala Datin.
 Lembut sangat kult pada purse yang comel ni.
 At one glance you can memang see so banyak beg pilihan and other leather goods at this shop. So much choices!

So folks, happy shopping! Kalau nak beli beg masa Raya bolehlah singgah di sini.
One stop for all kinds of leather bags.

Butik Orcas terletak di:
Lot S5, 2nd Floor, Plaza Shah Alam,
2, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah E9/E, Sek 9, 
40100 Shah Alam.
Tel: +603-5510 1448

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars 2015

It was a night of glitz and glamour and celebrities getting together. 
It was the night for the OSCARS 2015. Did you catch it?
The stage was set in an amazing manner and was super spectacular.
Everyone was dressed to the nines.
Here are my favourite looks for the night.
Which is yours?

I just love Scarlet's statement necklace. It makes her stand out from the crowd with that one of a kind accessory. Such style and elegance.

I also love Meryl Streep's chic and timeless fashion sense. 
She wears Lanvin. She dresses her age and her look is simple yet elegant.

I just can't get enough of good girl Reese Witherspoon. 
Love her simple yet elegant dress in B&W. 
The cutting suits her frame well and I love the draped shoulders.

Congrats to Julianne Moore for winning the best actress at the 2015 Oscars
She looks stunning and simply gorgeous in this dress.

And also Congrats to Eddie Redmayne for winning the best actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, the world's renowned physicist and his struggle with ALS  
in The Theory of  Everything

And my jaw dropped when I heard Lady Gaga sang the Sound Of Music.
Never heard nor seen this side of her. She nailed it perfectly.

Overall, I loved Neil Patrick Harris as a host who opened the show with a fantastic musical showcase. It was one of a kind. But let's see what others have to say.

I was so thrilled to be able to catch it on HBO ASIA via Astro last night.
So which was your favourite Oscar moment?

You can also win a trip to witness the Oscars (Red Carpet event) in Feb 2016 next year at Los Angeles, California.

The prize is this. 
My mouth watering already. 
Hope to win one of the 7 pairs so that I can fly there next year. 
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Note that you will be competing with people from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia to score a seat.

For more details check out  HBO ASIA's Facebook Page
or join the contest here
Contest ends 8th March 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Two Pesos At SS2

Just came back from a warm hearty meal at Two Pesos. Initially I thought it's a new restaurant from the Philippines given the name Pesos. But I was wrong.
They serve Taiwanese meal at an affordable price, hence the name Pesos.
That was what I was told by one of the friendly staff there.
Please note that this is a non-halal restaurant.
Everytime I pass by SS2 (along Chatime) I see this place packed to the brim and I have always wanted to give it a try. Today is my lucky day. The crowd was not as banyak as usual. Maybe semua sudah balik kampung for CNY.
These chairs and the walkway are usually filled with waiting customers, both standing and sitting. So you can imagine this place memang dapat sambutan yang besar since its opening. Tapi sayangnya only one outlet at the moment. 
Word has it that the second outlet will be in the pipeline after CNY.
I was fortunate to get a seat with only 3 people waiting in line and that did not take long. 
All  under 10 minutes.
The staff carefully explained to me how the ordering of the meal works. I was clueless as this was my first time there. I love their friendly approach and even go into detail on the soup description and what is their best sellers.
I just love the way the menu is presented and how we order.
Jimat kertas! And can be re-used again without wasting papers. How environment friendly!
After selecting the hot pot flavour that you desire, simply tick with the colour pencil on a meat selection, a noodle selection or your add ons. As easy as ABC.
The marked tick can be removed with just a simple wipe if tissue. 
Love the clever menu.
This set we selected was the Mongolian Herbs Pot priced at RM14.00
 I ordered some minor add ons like the Enoki Mushrooms (RM3) and beef balls (RM 3) which I feel is fairly reasonable.
 This was another add on we ordered. 
4 pieces of rich stuffed dumplings that were priced at only RM 3.80

This is a single pot by per person makan. I was not very hungry and decided to just order a pot to share with my dad plus some add ons. The Mongolian Soup Base was not spicy and overall I would give it a rating of 4.5/5.
It definitely met both of our expectations.
 At the corner you can create your own sauce to your liking.

The crowd and ambience
 Two Pesos attracts quite a huge number of young crowd but families were seen dining there too. It's basically a fuss free hot pot ala steamboat style with your very own healthy soup base. Suitable even for my dad who loves to drink soup. He totally enjoyed his meal today.
Staff were really friendly and customer service was good. Cleanliness is good too.
The staff were quick in clearing the tables where guests have finished their meals, making turn-around time fast.
 Kudos! Everything was so systematic, prim and proper.
Ordering is done even before you step into the shop or while waiting.
 And,here's my bill for the night! I think it's very reasonable.
Will be back to try the other unique soup base.
Two Pesos opens from 12pm - 3pm for lunch 
and 6pm to 11pm for dinner.
Address: 7, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For more info, log on to:

or follow them on these social media sites.
I must say they know their target audience well. So social media savvy!