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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Very Honest Review: Majestic Hotel's Afternoon Tea

A month ago, my super high class brother (of Singapore standards) suggested we go for Majestic Hotel’s Afternoon Tea. Hence I made a booking at the basic tea lounge area priced at RM48++ and we decide to bring our mummy dearest to experience an afternoon tea at the grand Majestic Hotel.

I began doing some research about this hotel’s afternoon tea and found out that a lot of bloggers and food enthusiasts have also been covering this place.
This was my first experience dining at Majestic Hotel’s Tea Lounge but my third time in this hotel that captivates and took my breath away with its classy colonial heritage structure.

The Different Rooms and Areas
For the tea lounge, there was an option to book the afternoon tea at the Orchid Room priced at RM88++ or Drawing Room priced at RM68++. We opted for the basic option at the mass generic area priced at RM48++ per pax.

 I find it a bit overpriced for the same kind of food but in just a different environment. 

Oh well, of course there are others who will pay for that experience but for RM88++
 I would rather have a full course buffet somewhere else.

Here's a peek at the Drawing Room from the outside
And here's a sneak peak on the inside. I went inside to snap a pic. It was as quiet as a mouse there. Tak ambik gambar orang lain la sebab macam tak sopan. Just one pic and I left. Nak introduce this place via my this blogpost as a whole macam tak lengkap or not complete without being able to do a full tour or visit to these rooms. By not booking into the Drawing Room or the Orchid Room I had fewer photo options to elaborate more on these rooms. :( 
Here's the Orchid Conservatory room from the outside which I was allowed to take pictures (Kong Ming Jeng Tai) but they were not that awesome from the outside with a glass blocking the view. The enjoy the full view one must pay and secure a booking and dine within the room.
Here's a peek on the inside.
Inside it's cooling and the air is refreshing. Actually I was not suppose to go into the Orchid Room as it was supposed to be a private room and only open to those who "reserved" their seats there. So much for paying the higher price and exclusivity and only you will get the smell the expensive fresh air there. A mere 10 secs and I was shoo-ed out of the room.
Those who did not book the Orchid Room can only take pictures from the outside, explained a staff who was also the guy who served us. Reservations in this room is needed at least 2 months ahead and is a restricted area for those who do not dine in the Orchid Room. 
Hence this inside picture is very precious oh!

Talk about how money speaks! And how lovely the room looks from the inside. 
So do you think it's worth paying for this kind of view for the same kind of food? 
Stepping in to the tea lounge area, we were pleasantly greeted by friendly staff who took good care of us. They ushered us to our table at the common area which was as classy as the rest of the hotel.
The view from my sitting area.
Next to my area is this area (below) brightly lit in natural sunlight and painted in white.
Once seated, the friendly and professional staff explained the set and price for the day and took time in elaborating what’s on each tier of the food display rack. 
How detailed. I am truly amazed.

Coffee or tea was free with unlimited refills. Looking at the food that just arrived on our table, I was wondering if this can fill my tummy. Honestly, the coffee and tea was nothing special. In fact drinking my second or third cup already I felt Blah! (Macam mau vomit)

As I was busy taking pictures and posting them on my facebook wall to share this great ambience with friends and updating my instagram feeds, I received  a call almost instantly from a friend who just saw my pictures. Ahhh…. The power of social media.
Here I am admiring the display of food
Below: Afternoon Tea Set For Two Pax. Remember it's RM48++ per pax. 
So you do the math. Here is food for two pax at RM 48++ x 2 person. I rasa macam tak berbaloi. Not worth it. But then again, we are paying for the ambience and service of a high class hotel and an experience. Will I be back for the same set at the same place round 2. Hmmm..Maybe Not. 
Below is a set of one pax RM48++.
 Notice there are lesser items below.
While enjoying our food, soothing music filled the air with a veteran pianist playing live music flawlessly. I really salute this uncle for playing so well. Even my brother complimented that his music was so smooth and soothing to the ears.
I secretly recorded him playing from behind. After a while he turned and smiled for my camera and I told him it was a video I was taking. I am pleased to share his music and talent with you in this video. Scroll to tail end of this video to see this Uncle smiling :)

Little Brother enjoying his cup of tea. Memang high class boy.
Picture time!
 Let's zoom in to what delicacies we had. Carrot cake (far right), 
Chocolate Moist Cake (Centre) and far left some Nutella tart 
On top of the nice display rack set, we also were treated to these. 
Kept warm in a bronzed like box. Some sort of lamb skewers, two mini savoury tarts (one bite and it'[s gone) and two savoury looking bebola (cocunut inti inside)
 Mom and brother enjoying life.
 I must admit their scones are the best that I have ever tasted. Served fresh, warm with strawberry and cream sauce. It melts in my mouth. It was heavenly. Even by my brother's standards, this is the BEST! It is soft and tender on the inside with a very fragrant pastry. After makan one biji I began to feel my stomach filling. Brother had two some more. Mestilah kenyang. Overall the set nampak macam sikit, but once you start eating, especially the scones, it can be quite filling.
 Below is some soft type of dessert Mango flavour I think. 
Brother likes it but I did not like the overly soft mousse-like texture.

Some family shots for remembrance

 Thank you boy for recommending this place. It was quite a nice experience..
  Brother busy giving his marks and comments in the feedback form.
And here's my ratings

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  1. Hmm looks like not much food but the ambiance is definitely awesome!
    Indulge once in a while is ok lah :D

    1. Thanks for commenting Charmaine. Yup. Ambience and service is just perfect!

  2. Woah your bro. like ... QC Minister haha.
    But yeah those pics. are great as always :D & you look sweet too!

  3. Yes,Choypengism, agreed . Ambience & Service very good except the food. Was at the Contango & did a historical exploration on the Old Hotel Majestic staircase where I was playing hide & seek with my cousins when I attended a wedding 55 years ago. Did a tour on the Orchid & Drawing Room all at the the upper crust penguin turncoat milieu. Cheers