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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 at 1 Utama

We're in December already and I can smell Christmas already.
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. 
It is when friends meet up and catchup.
It's also the spirit of giving (and receiving)
I usually look forward for decorations around the malls.
Here's 1 Utama's 2014 Christmas deco this year.
Special thanks to my girlfriend, Lee Yong for these awesome pics. 
She was there over the weekend.
Here's a glimpse on what's in store. Enjoy!
The overview.
This year, 1 Utama's Christmas is surrounded by animals. 
It's a gathering of cute looking animals. 
Time for some wefie with the animals?
From hedgehogs to penguins, to bears, lions and elephants and the fox.
It's so "meriah' to see all these animals coming together.
 The floor sticker is like frozen ice age. 
There are also kiosk around the centre court for all your shopping needs.
Head on over to find your perfect gift for this season.
 Check out the die-cut animals. Don't miss out taking pictures with them.
 They are just so adorable. So which animal is your favourite?
Mine would be the meerkats
 In the Christmas mood already? Well I am.

These Racoon looks so cute too.
One will never be lonely surrounded by a party of animals of all kinds.

Have a blessed Christmas, my friends
Shop till you drop and 
spread the love and joy this Christmas.

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