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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Of Delightful Cakes and Sexy Scooters

Oh Scooter! Cafe  
Another coffee place that I visited recently was the Oh Scooter! Cafe.
This glorious coffee place at USJ 21 is a hidden gem. 
Scooter in sight as part of the deco.
Let's take a peek at the interior. Come on in. Don't be shy.
The order counter and the menu.

Quiet and cosy feeling. Lights that are not too bright sets the mood.

Another 2 large scooters spotted inside the cafe. Don't be surprised if you see more scooters around. After all, this is a Scooter Cafe.

 From large to small to mini scooters on display here at Oh Scooter!

Even the macarons are scooter shaped. 
It's just too cute to eat.
Selection of interesting cakes 
that is simply out of this world!

For those with a sweet tooth, you can choose from these delightful cakes. All looks so yummy I cannot even decide which one to order.

I ended ordering the Choco Banofee. :Þ

Other flavours of cakes available are as below:

This scooter themed cafe sells only coffee and cakes. Yes you heard it right!
Their specialty is the signature cotton candy coffee. But do you actually drink it?
Scroll down for the tutorial video.
Here's a video tutorial on how to drink their signature cotton candy coffee. 
Tangkap gambar first before we begin.
To dip or not to dip...That is the question.

       Here you can see my friend was overwhelmed by the sight of the huge cotton candy 
                                      and she found a way to drink it....her way....

So, finally the cotton candy can fit into the tiny cup.

Pour it all in.

    Cotton candy is dissolved right before our eyes. And ready to drink!

Some random happy shots of us enjoying the coffee, cakes and the ambience.

See the glow on my face. Damn happy dapat minum kopi.

Before I left took a bag of free coffee grounds for my colleague who has green thumbs.
This acts as a good fertilizer source for plants.
One last shot of us together before we left.
Oh Scooter! Cafe  is located at



  1. You made me so wanna go try their signature coffee with cotton candy ! :D

    1. Go ahead and try. I'm sure you will find in most interesting Sarah.