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Friday, July 4, 2014

The New Avene D-Pigment Dark Spot Lightener

If pigmentation has been your long-term concern, here's a solution for you.
The Avene D-Pigment Dark Spot Lightener helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and restores skin's luminosity.

On June 21st, Avene, in partnership with Guardian organized an Avene Beauty Workshop. 
Ms. Charline Tang, ASEAN Product Manager shared with guests tips on how to reduce the appearance of dark spots and how to restore skin's luminosity. Guests were able to try the newly launched D-Pigment Light and Sensitive White whitening range during the workshop.

Here are some of the happenings on that day.

Sharing session by Ms Charline Tang
Guests trying out the Avene range of products

About the product
D-Pigment Dark Spot Lightener corrects and prevents the appearance of brown spots and evens out the complexion. It has a combination of ingredients Melanyde to help slow down melanin production, Retinaldehye that eliminates excess pigmentation in the skin and a powerful anti-oxidant called Pre-tocophery, a vitamin E precursor that helps prevent the over-activation of melanocyte.

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