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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saying it with pictures.

I believe a picture tells a thousand words 

I'm very glad that my friend Arpita advised me never to sell away my Canon Camera G15 when I won it from a contest last year. I have no regrets now.

You see this Canon G15 takes awesome pictures like never before. Before this I was using a lower range compact camera.  I can clearly see a vast difference with this higher end range of Canon Cameras. The pictures are sharper and clearer.

Compare the difference and see it for yourself.

Taken with a Compact Camera (below)

Taken with a Canon G 15 (below)

Images are richer in colour and sharper. More details are being captured.

More shots taken with the Canon G15.
My pictures now have more depth.

Mouth Watering Right?

The camera will always be my best friend and where ever I go, it goes.

Glad I finally found my true love, the Canon G15!

 More info on the Canon G15 here


  1. Glad you didn't sell your camera because a good camera goes a long way. Here's to a life with your camera :))

  2. my fren have this camera too, amazing shots it can take :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Nick. Have a great day!

  3. I wouldn't sell my camera either. I could never buy it back at the same price!
    That Arpita chick has the best advice ;)
    If you did want to sell it, you should have sold it me lol
    I love cameras...even old ones! I would take a camera over a designer bag any day. It does so much more!

    1. So glad Arpita advised me. :) BTW she did the official opening of my G15 camera which I had been keeping for the past 5 months.