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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A&W - A Walk Down Memory Lane

                                   Since 1965

I jumped when I first read the news here that A&W will be closing down. 
A day after reports began to surface on social media that it's not actually closing down for good, but just going through a revamp in some of its outlets and not all outlets will be closed. Only the non-performing ones will be closed. For a moment my heart cried out. I have so many fond memories of A&W. Phew! 

In the latest reports dated 21st July 2014, the A&W in PJ State will only be closed for 3 years for renovation from early Jan 2015 to Jan 2018.

See new reports here (STAR) and here (THE RAKYAT POST)

I felt that I must visit the place before its demolition. Known as one of the iconic landmarks in Old Town, State, PJ, the A&W Restaurant has become a significant part of my life while growing up in this neighborhood. It is a treasure trove of my childhood memories.

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I remember the time when my parents used to bring me and my siblings for the good old waffles, root beer and ice-cream.

On days that I miss the rootbeer, the can will be the closest thing for me to reach out at any 7 Eleven shops. Somehow drinking from the can is never the same as drinking it fresh at the Restaurant where they prepare it like this with a float. We have the option to have it with ice-cream as a float or without. I remember foam will build up once we stir the ice-cream. A little play-thing there.

Ahhhh those were the good-old-days. We had fond memories visiting the outlet. Who can forget the iconic rootbeer bear? I remember seeing this bear frighten some really really small kids at the A&W playroom. Some were even intrigued by it.

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This pic below was taken when I was still in my teens (Form 3 I think)
It was one of my gang gatherings at the Iconic A&W at Taman Jaya.
Recognize the table?

During the Raya holidays, some girl pals and I decided to do a luncheon there, looking back at our nostalgic attachment to this place where we spent our childhood. 
I'm sure you have your very own A&W moments too.

Our A&W moments and fond memories will be documented here in my blog after we makan there tomorrow!

Stay tuned for pictures from our outing soon.

Fans of A&W can follow their facebook page here:

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