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Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Sweet Escape to Singapore (Part 1)

Baru landed today and I just couldn't wait to write about the interesting items on sale and places I visited in Singapore. 
It's more of a shopping and eating gateway this time round.
A great time to go to Singapore because the SALE is really a great deal!
It's the Great Singapore Sale! 
SALE! SALE! SALE! is everywhere asking me to BUY! BUY! BUY! 
Can I resist the temptation?

Yes, it's your last chance to shop till you drop! Love the pun intended here.

Items on sale. Bags. Just my thing.
Trying on a flowery headgear. Hmm..wonder how I look like? Never had one of these....
Aww...saw a Butterfly hair accessory at New look and thought of the Butterfly Community
More flowers headgear. Mana satu cantik?
Here's a closer look. My My...are they gorgeous or what.  I'm feeling happy just by looking at these blooms.
Sighted a cute Koala pouch with funny expression. much to see....
Let me share with you some interesting items sighted at the recent Singapore Sale. 
And also my favourite shops and brands.

This one is one of my favourite Ice-Cream place in SG - COLD STONE.

Mom and brother decided to head to this Japanese Cafe that serves REAL Japanese Bakery and rest our legs.

Look at all the yummy food dummy
We ordered this Little Fuji. Nampak sikit tapi 3 orang makan kenyang juga.
Check out their deco. Cute saucer hanging as lights from the ceiling. How innovative.
Tangkap gambar with my brother.

The REAL Thing- Little Fuji. Topped with Soft Serve Vanilla Ice-cream.
I can tell you that the outer layer is super crispy and wangi. It's a must try!
Bukan sekadar makan dan shopping aje. Here's some pics of my sight seeing. Nice weather. Love the clear blue skies.
Sempat tangkap gambar buildings.
I first got to know this brand in SG even before it opened its doors in Malaysia. When Muji came to Malaysia I was so damn happy. Tapi Muji kat SG punya stock berbeza sikit with Muji M'sia. I realised that a lot of smalller items tak dijual di Malaysia. For example, the bath salt, which is my favourite, 
Snack Food Corner
Here's a look at how different the items on sale at Muji SG and Muji MY.
I rasa kat M'sia takde these small small items.
Banyak jenis teh di sini.
Dan minuman yang super interesting
Instant Peach pun ada. The packaging is so interesting.
Gula-Gula pelbagai flavour seperti Lemon, Citrus, Blueberry...etc

Kopi dan Koko Drinks pun ada.
Wah! These drinks looks so intersting too. Instant Blood Orange. 
Macam Dracula mau minum blood.
And this is one of my favourite shopping haunts. John Little. Apa pun ada jual. From cosmetics to baju to skincare products...etc
Hopped into a Korean Supermarket nearby and look what I saw? Cherry Coke.
Outdoor Scenery shoot.Tak nak shoot barang-barang shopping aje la..

Screaming for attention. Prominent display at Guardian with tempting prices as low as SG2 (RM5) asking everyone to buy buy buy.
Interesting Cinamon 
Cinamon with Oreo. Mouth watering already. :Þ

Mom halfway jalan lompat ke Cold Storage beli dragon fruit. Very Cheap.

SG1.99 for lima biji. That's like SG 0.40 each.
Cute packaging sighted
My favourite shopping destination. Guardian. Mesti I lompat thesre to see and compare produk apa yang takde di Malaysia. Without fail! Sampai my brother banned me everytime I see a Guardian or Watsons.
Perut sudah hungry...lompat makan Japanese Meal
Can you believe it? Betul! SG0.40 for a sushi. The cheapest Sushi I have ever seen. 
*rubbing eyes
Nah...zoom in so u can see clearer
Here's the ambience. Cosy right.
Scallop Sushi. But the scallop so raw. I geli nak makan. I jarang eat raw Japanese Food.

This place is called ITACHO SUSHI.
Super innovative chair. Belakang tempat duduk boleh letak bil.
How creative and convenient at the same time.
OH! I got excited when I saw a MIAN MIAM in SG. Packed to the brim as usual.
Back to shopping. Everything is so tempting. All items less than SG10 (RM25)
Bila keluar wang SG10, rasa macam tak mahal sangat (bila tak convert lah)
Brother says new brand in SG
Interesting window display that communicates lightness in weight .
A full look
This brand CIELO (from Japan) is my favourite hair dye. It comes in a press tube (foam type) And bila tak habis digunakan, boleh keep for next time use. 
I always beli when I come to SG.
 It's about SG17.90 per box. 
Cheapest you can find is at Swanston at SG 14.90 or Fair Price SG 15.90
My favourite hair accessory shop with quality accessories and designs.
Look at all the blings. Yes, I'm a sucker for blings.

A sight at the famous Bugis Street.

Souvenir Bags

Jalan sampai penat can go makan at the nearby coffee shops.
My favourite Black Sauce Fried Carrot Cake. Only can be found in Singapore!

Black or White

Nearby ada pasar malam style shops. More shopping lagi
Another one of my favourite shopping haunts- The OG Departmental Store.

Stay tuned for Part 2


  1. I love all of your travel posts, Choy Peng. It gives me good ideas for when it's my turn to travel. Can you believe I have not been to Singapore before! Love the desserts there and it's a novelty to have brands that we can't get here. I did spot Miam Miam though. Mmmm!

    1. Thanks for commenting shopgirl. It's a great feeling to know that you are enjoying my travel posts. More to come soon. Next one will be on todai at marina bay sands