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Saturday, May 24, 2014

AFO Radio Relaunch Party

I recently attended AFO Radio's event called Funky Online Ideas....RESTYLED. It was to showcase their newly designed website, along with a compendium of fantastic programs and radio shoes helmed by experienced and engaging DJ's, emcees and established TV presenters broadcasting online.

Here's a sneak peak at their latest revamped website,

The side bar chatbox allows listeners to engage live and interact with the radio personalities behind AFO Radio. 

You can listen to AFO Radio Live from anywhere in the world! Check out their alternative music pieces.

AFO Radio serves its listeners with great music every day and night, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A.F.O. RADIO  is not only very Malaysian, but it is also an International radio station that caters to anyone from anywhere in the world.

According to William Lim, the developer and Executive Producer of AFO Radio, "AFO Radio is simply limitless and universal - another fantastic freakin' online entertainment hub."

"You can stream Afo Radio's engaging radio shows from your laptop or download the mobile app onto your iPhone or Android devices, or take AFO Radio with you wherever you go" said William Lim.

Here are some of my part shots at the event. Yeah! I truly had a blast partying with the starz and radio DJ personalities of the night. Look who I met.

Adrian Seet and Sean Chong

 The talented Tony Eusoff and  bubbly Joanne Kam Po Po

 Jeremy Teo and Jasmine Suraya

Group shot

Happenings during the night.....
This video says it all......

Having fun posing at the party

 With long time friends CK and Jefferson Teoh

 Guests at the party

 Great dance performances with beaming lazer lights

 DJs take centerstage. 
The awesome people behind AFO Radio's success.

 We were entertained by these talented singers

Below: Sean Chong giving his all

Tony Eusoff belting out a sexy number. Hmmm didn't know he can sing so well! And I really mean WELL!!!! He mesmerized the crowd with a seductive number.

Wanna watch him in action?

Jalan bawah stage (masih menyanyi) sempat tangkap gambar ber-selfie with a penonton. 
How cute!

Some big names behind this Radio Station includes Joey G, Patricia K, Adrian Seet, K'sham, Mag, DJ Lethal Skillz, Vandal, Truf, DJ Augie.

Here are some of my favourite shots for the night.
Hugging Joanne Kam Po Po. She is super friendly. Simply love her.

With the charming Tony Eusoff

 PHEW! That's all for now. Till my next blogpost, dearies.

For more information, check out this cool online radio station below:



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