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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Mamasan Tammy!

Tammy's Awesome Birthday Party at Haagan- Dazs, Solaris.

Me admiring the yummy ice cream cakes. Hungry already.

Special thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and HERMO for inviting me to Mamasan Tammy's Birthday Party today & parteee away with all the other bloggers! 

Signing in.

I caught up with some old blogger friends and met some new ones too! It was an awesome party where everyone gets to mingle & know each other better. 
Here are some picture perfect moments of blogger friends that I met at the party. 
Can you spot yourself there?

Some wonderful shots with blogger friends.

With Chency (Above) & Nala (Below)

With Choulyin (above) & Amelie Yap (Below)

With Sunshine Kelly (below)

With Arpita Ladida Bajaj (below)

With Frankie (above)

Yes, I was trying to strike a young cutsy pose there with Angeline.

 With Ker Yi & Ker Chi and Sabby Prue


Swee San & Cindy Tong

With the gorgeous Kay Allure

Victor, Shivani and I

Sporting Victor in his COOL MEOW Pose.

With Vera Soo and Claudine

Samantha, Emily and friend

The table was cleverly decorated with bits & pieces of cute die-cut party themed paper to add a tinge of celebration mood to the party. How thoughtful! And the place was nicely decorated with ribbons. 

It was my first time eating the Haagen-Dazs special Christmas fondue which looks like this!

YUM YUM. This is how you dip it. Soak it in the chocolate & put it in your mouth.

Time to pig out!

It was simply awesome!

Thanks to generous Tammy, we had not one but two fondues!

Food Porn Time! Tangkap Gambar First before makan.

Casual group shots. Everyone was so happy. See our smiling faces, so brightly lit up.

All hell break loose when Tammy came out with her birthday cake. 

Everyone was camera ready.Paparazi in action!  What to do. Semuanya bloggers.

Sweet Tammy Giving us a Happy Chocolate as doorgift. Free makan & some more got gifts to take home. So hebat lah!

The day ended with a BLAST! MUACKS to my great blogger friends. 
Hope you all had a great time too!

We love you!

This was one memorable day! 01012014



  1. wow u super fast!!! hahaha so happy to meet you earlier!

  2. So happening n so fast u update blog. Very salute lerr! =)

  3. OMG, so much fun, so much chocolate and so many gorgeous bloggers! Mama Butterfly is blessed to have the most happening birthday party I've ever seen. I wish I could have made it but I'm so happy to read your super fast post, Choy Peng and to see what a blast Tammy and you girls had.
    A lovely, fantastic post-event write-up!

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it. You've certainly made my day! Thanks for commenting ya :)

    2. I wanted so much to 'be there' and you made it possible through this blog post! Totally lived it through you.
      By the way, are you really a wedding singer?! That is such a cool job - I love wedding singers (so much better than letting people sing random karaoke lol)!
      May there be more weddings with wedding singers to save us all from the atrocity that is people like me who want to but can't sing a note.
      I've always wanted to be a singer but I know what I can and cannot do and singing really ain't one of my talents.
      But bravo to those who really can. Hats off to you, singer-babe ;)

    3. Welcome to view my youtube channel for my random practice sessions.

      If you ever see me in an event, do come up to me and say hi!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Tammy! haha nice post =D

    Heaven Knows

  5. Still look cute posing a young cutesy pose hahhaa :P

    1. U R SOOO CUTE ANGELINE! Love our shot together! Hopefully more to come!