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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Edazz's Skinz Photoshoot With Utusan Kosmo


This evening, my BFF invited me to teman her for a photoshoot at Utusan's office @ Jalan Chan Sow Lin, KL.

 Edazz posing with the Akhbar Logo.

Camwhoring while waiting for the reporter & make up artist to arrive

Model Material - So bergaya
Having a chit-chat session with the feature reporter, Nisha. The canteen looks like a resort.
We were quickly ushered to the studio.
As I stepped in, I was amazed with the full set up & equipment. 

Product of the day : SKINZ BB Cream

The product is light weight and not heavy in texture.

It keeps the skin moist at the same time without the sticky effect and blends in well to the skin.

Priced slightly under RM50. It's very affordable!

Check out the make up artist's make up bag! Tons of make up.

 Styling Edazz's Hair at the make up room.

The make up artist did her magic on Edazz using SKINZ BB Cream.

Edazz is a pro in posing. Check out her other gaya here.

Ain't she lovely!

Nisha's second job? 
Here are some of our behind the scene shots with me goofing around and having a little fun!

CP sudah jadi cameraman (girl)

Jangan-jangan terjatuh kamera tu! Habis saya!

CP Buat Lawak. Main-Main nak jadi Spiderman (wall climber)

Masa relaks
Meet Nisha, the friendliest reporter I have ever met.

We were both in ORANGE (and it was not planned)

Thanks Shaufik for arranging semua ini. We had a BLAST!

And today's KOSMO (25th Feb 2014) is the article, featuring sexy 
Edazz Lucinda!

Banyak model potential!


  1. I had so much fun too!!! Thank you CP for teman me and help capture all the photos!! Muahhh!

  2. wow... these pictures are awesome, except the one i become 'tukang pegang shade'. Nice to meet u lovely girlzz. Hope to meet up often!!!!

  3. Don't worry, Nisha, your mom won't know about the 2nd job! I tot that was an epic shot of u! How cute :)

  4. haha u guys so funny love behind the scene

  5. thanks for posting it dear!!! I love you!!