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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Journey - Singing In A Band

Wedding Singer

Recently I joined a group of very experienced musicians and am now a part of the team at THE WEB (Wedding Entertainment Band)

I am one of the female vocalists. We sing at weddings. 
Here are some random shots taken during practice sessions. 
As you can see we ladies are clearly enjoying ourselves.

                                       Edazz the vocal power house and CP with our mics.

Here's a quick introduction to the two Andrews in the house.
They are both experts in drums and  bass.

Another talented drummer Rebecca & Gus our guitarist.

The group during practice. 
Seen here is super bergaya Mr. Eddy Quay aka Mr. Cowboy (in black) with super duper mesmerizing and hypnotic vocals. He is our male lead vocalist. 

And Mr Thomas Yip our super terror-meneror  pianist who can do almost anything on his keyboard. I have seen him play the piano...his jari flies everywhere from left to right and so super fast! I enjoy being around these super talented people!

This is one person that I cannot miss out. Let me introduce Mr. Tony C. my super handsome band leader. He is the force and backbone behind us. Doesn't he remind you of LEON LAI?
For bookings please contact Tony via our facebook and  website link di bawah.

Part of the team @ THE WEB (Wedding Entertainment Band)

Main posing. Cute group shot.

Female Vocalist shot. Edazz, Ryeniko and CP

Made some new friends and I also get to pursue my singing along the way.

Check out The WEB's facebook and website below:

Some of our singing - Please don't stop the music! 

Here is one of my random singing with Gus, our lead guitarist in one of our just for fun singing sessions. 

Feel free to see more videos in my personal youtube channel.: choypengism 
or go to

And here's one of Edazz's "SUPER Powderful Vocals". 

Once you listen to her, you will want more. She is singing Skyfall & Proud Mary.  
Salute her! 
She is also the Grand Prize winner of WEVENTS talent competition. 
She sang "This Girl Is On Fire"
Yes, that was when I first knew her and our friendship blossomed over time because we have the same passion - Singing.



More of her talent is showcased here.


Credit goes to Vera Soo of for taking this lovely video of Edazz's incredible performance.

Here's to our friendship and for our love for MUSIC, EDAZZ
So glad to know you. Muacks! 

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