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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan

1Utama's Wonder Food Adventure

What is it?
This month is the Wonder Food month at 1Utama from 4 - 24 Nov, 2013.
This is the first ever food adventure in collaboration with 1Utama's ONECARD November Wonder Food Promotion month.
A gastronomic Food Trail for over 50 selected Butterfly Project Food Bloggers to explore and savour the wide variety of delicious cuisines at 1Utama's Wonder Food Haven.

Participating outlets include:
LG Promenade: SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Seaweed Club, I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Oyster King, Bisou, Mr Cendol, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.

LG Highstreet: Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, and Lava.

Butterfly who?
The Butterfly Project is a community that welcomes beauty and lifestyle bloggers around Malaysia blogging with a focus and from the heart, soul and passion. Butterfly Project design monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goals and dreams.

I start of with a poem dedication:

Arnab keluar cari makan
Jelajah 1Utama
Here I come!
Isi perut sambil berjalan,
Lompat kesana kemari sampai keyang
Menjamu Selera
Dari pagi hingga ke petang.

The day started with our registration at 11.00am sharp.

We were given a food passport and thus our food hunt begins.

Made some new friends along the way.
Kawan baik-The Fox & the WABBIT.
Ms Fox (aka Edazz Lucinda) tolong jangan makan saya.....



Let the hunt for food begin!

Ready set...go....

Hop Hop Hop and Away I Go....

My first hop was

#1 BBQ Chicken

The ambience was very cozy.

We had the Jerk BBQ, Korean Charbroiled and Golden Olive Chicken which is their signature dish. Lepas makan nak lagi! My favourite dish so far is the Golden Olive Chicken. It is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Next we tried the super spicy Chicken called Hot Hot Drum. The skin is fiery hot. Be careful for those who cannot take overly spicy food. Very "Chee Kick" lepas makan. Syiok yang teramat sangat. Fiery smoke coming out from my ears already. I like it!
I was busy taking notes (a reporter wannabe) with Josephine, the assistant manager, marketing from BBQ who took great care of us.

Our 1Malaysia Blogger Group- Cina, Melayu, India dan lain-lain pun ada.


I was a happy bunny with loads of food and my fav creamy latte =)

About BBQ Chicken
It's not Barbeque, Its BBQ! Best of the Best Quality!

100% Olive Oil
We pride ourselves on being the first brand in the world to use 100% Olive Oil from Europe for frying, creating a distinguished and healthy taste.

100% Fresh
The use of fresh instead of frozen chicken and fresh raw materials is our way to serve you the best and healthy chicken meal.

BBQ Special Marinating Process
BBQ Chickens are marinated in 30 types of natural spices for 12-15 hours to ensure that the chickens have absorbed the different spices.

#2 Lava

 Next hop was Lava (located just opposite Cold Storage) They specialize in Churros.
It is crispy and very fresh cause just fried.

Caution: HOT! as in not pedas but baru out from the frying pan sure hot lah... Good snack in between meals that is not so heavy on the tummy. The Churros is like western Yau char kuay. Only slimmer.
Trying to look cute and playing with my food to form Rabbit Teeth.


#3 Food Box (Tak Halal)

I hop, I jumped and I stopped. My next hop wasFood Box. Just next to Lava. The best dish I tried here was the Asam Chicken rice. The sauce is very appetizing. Makes you want MORE!

Also tried the Thai Chicken but I did not quite like it.


 Left: Asam Chicken , Right: Thai Chicken

#4 Lammeeya

I hopped to Lammeeya next . Just made a pitstop but did not eat. Their signature dish is the Lam Mee (just like the shop's name)

Fox and Rabbit poses again.
Below: Rabbit showing the GIANT bowl of Lam Mee.

 Took a slight break from eating and our group had our personalized Tatoos done at the booth.  Sexy Edazz buat tattoo kat paha.

 Showing off my Iron Man Tattoo

Nampak tangan I banyak passport? I was the Official Passport Holder and Manager for the Group on our initial food trail.


#5 Pao Xiang Bak Kut The (Tak Halal)

Located at a lorong just next to Effective Herbs. Just terus masuk dalam. Nasib baik tak serve rabbit meat here.


The ambience inside the shop. Chinese décor fills the store.
On the outside it looks like this with lots of greenery & open air.

The bosses stamping our passports. Kaki Lang. Orang Hakka. I practiced my Hakka with them . Hahahaha!

 Had a bowl of BKT there. YUMMY! The taste is just right for me as I don't like to too "HERBAL".

SLURP! Warms our tummy.


 #6 Bisou

 Greedy Bunny.
The Chocolate melts in my mouth and is very rich in flavour. One of my favourite dessert. Many exciting flavours to choose from. Great for those with a sweet tooth.

Our Group Photo for the day.

 Jalan-jalan terjumpa Tammy. Sempat bergambar dengannya.
Tammy can I bring you home too? Mau bungkus Tammy. Gosh! She is so huggable!

#7 Sea Weed Club

Everybody look to their left...
Everybody look to their right....Let's do the bunny hop together!

Apa mereka jual di sini?
Seaweed Popiah! Ada 5 flavour.
RM6 setiap satu. Mesti cuba! Nice place for snacking. My fav is the WASABI.
They also have a vegetarian variant for those who do not take meat.
Priced slightly cheaper at RM5.50 for the Vegetarian.

All ingredients are freshly cut!

Japanese Tea to go along with the nice seaweed popiah. A match made in heaven.

 #8 Mr Chendol

 Dah ini tak payah bunny hop leh. Mesti dah bosan tengok muka aku buat pose bunny hop.

Jual apa disini? Mestilah Chendol. The chendol was not sweetened and we were given the "gula" to adjust based on our sweetness preference. Plus points for that!
But before letak the gula, the Chendol tasted a bit masin. The ice is carefully blended together with the flavour so you don't see ketul-ketul ice that is not properly blended.

Blogger Award for selfie with Chendol!

Nice place to berborak-borak.
     Abang ini nampak syiok sangat
A nice place to hang out and makan chendol in the airconditioned place at the mall. Tak payah stand by a Chendol stall bawah matahari yang panas terik.


 #9 Oyster King

Bunny just can't wait to dig in!

Wangi sungguh.....Oyster bulat-bulat. Tapi the cili could be better.
Lou Sang came early this year.

Keriangan jelas terpancar pada muka saya. Tak payah pergi Penang pun boleh Rasa Fried Oyster kat sini.


#10 SS2 Goreng Pisang

So much of variety here besides the usual goreng pisang.
Popiah goreng, keropok udang, yam cake pun ada.

 #11 Ninja Joe (Tak Halal)

 Gaya Pose Ultraman
The ultimate shop for Pork Burgers! A Must try!

 #12 I Love Yoo

 Bunny yang tersangat dahaga craving for Ice Soya....Ahhh..lega rasanya.
Thirst Quenching.
Super nice boss serving us. This was what we had. Everything was hot and served fresh.
The ambience was very clean & hygienic.

 #13 Eat And Happy Yong Tau Foo


 #14 Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

Next Hop. Anyehasyo...Kamsahumida...Sarangheo...You've guessed it right! It's Korean Food!
Muka Tammy macam stunned. Gambar candid. Tammy please don't kill me.

Makanan Korea. I usually don't take Kimchi. But this one tastes so good, I ate it all.
The Bimbab is special. Kacau semua then makan.  Also tried the Soon Du Bu Ji Gae (spicy soft tofu stew with seafood). Warms the tummy (again).
Although the soup looks red, it's  not very spicy.

 Showing off my passport yang dah almost fully chopped.


 More tattoos again.....


 By the end of the day I had  total of 3 tattoos.

My tummy was so full end of the day I could not eat more.
Before I call it a day I terserempak with Sean Ooi of 1Utama.
Photo opportunity with the leng chai.

    Special thanks to 1Utama Shopping Centre and Mamasan Tammy of, and for bringing a group of us bloggers together for a wonderful food trail session. 
    Did you know that 1Utama is the World's 4th Largest Mall?
    I call it my "second home" because I selalu shopping kat sini.
    And I know this place inside out.
    It's my favourite mall because everything that I need and want is all here at 1Utama.

    For more info, please visit:
  A very tired bunny signing out.


  1. Wow! You had so much fun there. Love your bunny hop too! :D

  2. wow rabbit u hop so fast ah!!! nice picture..

  3. agreed with you the seaweed is a must try! :) yummy!

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  5. Hi there,

    It was nice reading your review on the food adventure. I was wondering since you're the first one blogging about it, maybe you can help label which shop was halal if you don't mind. I'm a revert, so i do look forward in eating chinese food that are halal, especially the Oh Chien... ;)

    1. Tapi Oyster King I tak pasti. Tak nak bagi u wrong info la dear. Yang lain I'm very sure I letak.

  6. Thanks for the support ladies. love reading your comments. Thanks Cindy Tong for pointing out my spelling. Will label the halal/non halal later Melissa. A very Happy Bunny getting to know more new friends. :)

  7. finally the blogpost is published! hahaha go n check ur 'crack' face there lorh hihi hope to meet again :)

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